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Aliroo Provides Secured E-mail Solution for Israel's Beinleumi Bank

Aliroo will enhance the bank's existing security solution with its state of the art PrivaWall solution, providing the bank with advance protection for its e-mail exchange

July 25, 2005

Israel's Aliroo Ltd., a world leading security-software developer, has signed an agreement with Israel's Beinleumi Bank to provide several PrivaWall systems. PrivaWall, with over 900 installations worldwide, provides a complete and comprehensive solution for e-mail exchange.

Aliroo's PrivaWall will allow Beinleumi to safely connect the bank's internal network to the outside world via the Internet. PrivaWall's multiple defense layers will offer Beinleumi employees, for the first time, complete e-mail exchange capabilities free of the threats of viruses, malicious code and similar harmful software, and provide the network with spam control capabilities and content management.

Beinleumi plans to expand its use of Aliroo's solutions in the near future by implementing additional features of Aliroo's system, including encrypted mail (SES, Secure E-mail System) and EPM (digitally signed (Postmark) e-mail) services.

Meir Zorea, Aliroo's President and CEO mentioned that - "Aliroo is extremely happy to have added Beinleumi to the long list of financial and healthcare institutions, and leading organizations and firms, that have chosen to implement Aliroo's products and technologies to protect their e-mail traffic. We believe that the continual decision of as such organizations, which require extremely severe security measures even when compared to other industries, to implement Aliroo's technology, provides clear evidence of the high quality of our solutions in the field of data protections."