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NewLink Group Inc. announces a partnership with Flying in Formation Inc. to offer Business Process Excellence services to the Insurance and Wealth Management industry

Together, NewLink Group and Flying in Formation can help your organization
transform the way you do business by doing what we do best – inspiring organizations and their people to envision the future through process thinking, and apply the strategies, skills, tools, and technology to get there.
Our clients are achieving powerful, measurable business results through
our knowledge, skills and experience as follows:

• Customer-focused Business Process Excellence methodology
• Vista™ industry reference models
• Experience in establishing Centres for Process Excellence
• Information Management knowledge and experience
• Team Facilitators and Coaches
• Project Management and Mentoring approaches
• People-focused Change Management & Implementation Planning
• Expertise with process-enabling technologies

Creating strategic links between people, process, organization and technology helps your company establish value for your customers, employees and shareholders alike. If you need to re-think mission-critical business processes to improve or completely redefine customer service, support significant business growth without increasing staff, reduce claims costs, or enable a right-sized workforce to be effective, we can help.

The combination of our focus on insurance and wealth management, a results-based approach, a passion for innovation and excellence in our work, our commitment to knowledge transfer, and careful attention to your strategic objectives is what makes this partnership unique. We bring our passion about making a difference and about delighting the customer to every assignment.

The Business Process Excellence methodology, developed by Flying in Formation, is the result of many years of research and experience. It cumulates the best practices that have been found in the world of business process management and improvement. The BPE methodology is modular and flexible and is tailored to meet the specific needs of each assignment.

The New Link Vista™ insurance and wealth management industry reference
models provide a quick-start on any process improvement, process redesign, business engineering and resulting business systems requirement projects.

The Vista™ models have been successfully applied to Life, Health, Wealth,
and Property & Casualty. Vista™’s knowledge base is a result of 5 years of
direct modeling effort by industry experts, each with over 30 years of experience, and represents the Insurance and Wealth Management best practice approaches found in 8 different countries.

Flying in Formation Inc. is a management consulting organization that enables dramatic business improvements through successful Business Process Excellence initiatives, that include use of a proven methodology, implementation planning, change management, and BPE knowledge transfer, primarily with financial services, insurance and wealth management clients.

NewLink Group Inc. is a management consulting company focused exclusively on the Insurance and Wealth Management industries. It provides business and technology management services in the areas of:

• Understanding industry trends and initiatives
• Distribution strategies
• Business and process modeling
• Business process improvement
• Business and IT strategic planning
• Business and IT architecture
• Systems requirements definition
• Technology evaluations
• Implementation planning
• Project management