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Long established accounting practice quick to realise client benefits of Document Integrity

London, 19th July 2005 – Workshare, the leading provider of document integrity applications, today announces that Buzzacott, one of the most established and respected accounting practices in the UK, has implemented Workshare Protect across its 170-strong organisation.

Throughout its 86-year history, Buzzacott has developed a reputation for unrivalled personal service to its charity, professional and IT services client base. However, the need to gather, distribute and report more information, more often to more people, has led to an exponential increase in the number of business documents it created and exchanged. Buzzacott needed to guarantee its electronic communication would maintain the reputation that has been build over almost a century.

Workshare Protect has allowed Buzzacott to set up company-wide compliance and quality control policies that ensure that documents going out of the practice are safeguarded against inadvertent information leaks that could result in embarrassment, reputation damage or even financial penalty. Because Workshare Protect is integrated seamlessly with Buzzacott’s existing applications, employee productivity has increased, enabling Buzzacott to deliver a faster, more secure service to its clients.

Commenting on the Workshare implementation, David Fardell, Financial Director, Buzzacott said, "In a professional practice it is critical that documentation sent out of the office electronically is 100 per cent secure. Workshare has made this happen without any additional processes, ensuring that company compliance regulations are met and that confidential information remains exactly that – confidential. We no longer have to spend our time manually checking documents for sensitive data; Workshare does this automatically, allowing us to concentrate on the heart of our business – our clients".

The accountancy sector has not traditionally been regarded as an early adopter of new technologies, however as the level of critical information exchanged via email increases, so do the risks. Exposure from distribution of hidden Information, unintentional or fraudulent changes or corruption of document content, as well as lack of activity audit information are now pressures many professional service companies are facing. The increased demands from regulators and clients to guarantee document confidentially and compliance, as well as providing evidence that such safeguards have been put in place, is creating further time, resource and technological pressures on these businesses.

Andrew Pearson, VP EMEA, Workshare commented "Buzzacott’s decision to embrace Workshare is an excellent endorsement of the increasing number of professional sectors outside of legal that are beginning to realise the importance of Document Integrity. Finance and accounting is an industry that lives and dies by the accuracy and confidentiality of its information, therefore we are very excited to be working with such an established name in the industry to protect its valued reputation."