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Datawatch Solution Provides Microsoft Partners Ability to Quickly and Easily Deliver Most Requested Portal Solution

Datawatch, a leading provider of report management, data transformation and service management solutions, today announced Visual|Productivity Portal for Microsoft .NET and SharePoint, featuring employee self help. The portal solution follows a similar version recently released for the IBM WebSphere platform. Employee self help for IT and human resource support functions is by far the most in-demand part of the portal market.

Visual|Productivity Portal allows enterprises to deploy personalised self help for an organisation’s employees, dramatically reducing unnecessary phone calls, log entries and related processing. For IT, Service Management, HR and Payroll managers, the product’s "Manager’s Portal" displays service requests by department and status, so each department views only what impacts its staff and resources. The end result is that enterprises save time and money otherwise devoted to labour-intensive telephone and email support.

"By leveraging existing .NET and SharePoint infrastructures, Visual|Productivity Portal delivers real value to our customers by making employee self help the cornerstone of successful portal projects," said Chris Rodwell, Director, Datawatch International. "Visual|Productivity Portal provides a web-based employee self help framework to front end any Call Centre solution that runs on a Microsoft platform, enabling enterprises to derive even further value from their existing systems. In addition, Visual|Productivity Portal will allow Microsoft partners to painlessly deliver the portal solutions their .NET or SharePoint customers want right now."

Specifications and Pricing

Datawatch’s Visual|Productivity Portal runs on Windows Server 2003, and utilises Microsoft IIS 6.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, and .NET Framework 1.1. SQL Server 2000 SP3 is optional but recommended. Server hardware requirements are dual Pentium4s with 1 GB of RAM, and RAID 5.