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UnRisk2.2 with more sophisticated deal types

12-Jul-05 - The UnRisk consortium released UnRisk2.2 the latest Version of its UnRisk PRICING ENGINE for Mathematica, the fast-paced and accurate derivatives analytics solution. UnRisk2.2 adds complex structures including Digital Range Accruals, Digital Spread Range Accruals, General Steepeners, General Steepener Zeros, which are all multiply callable and putable and Target Redemption Quantos.

"All efforts put in UnRisk's high-end numerics based on adaptive integration, finite elements, streamline diffusion and regularization, object-oriented design and open architecture pay back now. They allow us, as well as our customers, to enrich and enlarge the base of instrument types accessing the same analytics platform continuously", says Andreas Binder, head of the UnRisk maker MathConsult.

UnRisk integrates a computationally optimized numerical engine realized in C++ into Mathematica's powerful computation and declarative programming environment. Its careful design aims at the pricing and risk management of financial objects, which represent a whole universe of real world financial instruments.