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UK Business' Demand for Data Storage Quadruples in Two Years

InTechnology, a leading provider of outsourced data storage solutions, has experienced a 400% rise in the average amount of data storage space its customers are demanding in just two years. May 2005 saw the company store 117 Terabytes through its VBAK remote automated backup service on behalf of its customers, compared with a total of 28 Terabytes back in May 2003. Growth in data storage demands has been steady month-by-month and is on course to reach an average of 5 Terabytes per customer in 2007, with some customers already using over six times this amount of storage. Data currently stored across the whole of InTechnology reaches over 2.5 Petabytes.

Steve Pearce, COO at InTechnology, commented:

"It’s a well-known fact that businesses across the country are storing far more data than ever before. However, the sheer scale of this growth in demand will come as a surprise to many and with it a growing awareness of some of the serious data management, storage and protection issues this raises.

"As a principal player in the data storage market we believe that InTechnology’s experiences are indicative of a national trend and all the drivers are certainly in place to continue to raise storage demands.

"As more and more business processes become digitised, and those already digitised become even more prevalent, the need to be able to store data in a secure, accessible and segmented form will only grow. Similarly, data storage solutions will need to continue to improve, becoming even more scalable, automated and flexible in nature."