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New "In-Net" Solution Provides Window into FIX Based Trading Sessions

New York (July 11, 2005) - BT Radianz, the leading global provider of financial connectivity services, today announced the launch of Radianz Transaction Monitoring, a new "In-Net" service that provides real-time monitoring of FIX-based trading sessions.

Through a browser-based "dashboard," Radianz Transaction Monitoring allows quick and easy access to essential information about the status of FIX-based trading applications and the operational performance of trading counterparties. Radianz Transaction Monitoring offers a reliable, secure, cost-efficient solution that meets the diverse needs of broker dealers and investment management firms.

Specific features of Radianz Transaction Monitoring include the ability to:
· Set real time alerts to warn traders when a counterparty becomes unavailable.

· Measure the number of FIX session drops and overall session availability.

· Monitor the number of messages per second being processed and response times by counterparty.

· Track adverse trends for a range of key message types, such as rejected orders, cancellations and "don’t know" responses.

Radianz Transaction Monitoring provides customers with full administrative control over the parameters and thresholds of every connection. Trading partners can be configured individually to reflect partner-specific trading activities. Where target performance standards are breached, alerts can be generated in order to prompt corrective action.

Brennan Carley, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Technology Officer at BT Radianz, said:
"A mission critical component of the trading support function is to know when and where problems exist and how different counterparties are performing. By providing visibility of system outages and slow order acknowledgements from counterparties, Radianz Transaction Monitoring will help our customers to ensure that orders get filled and to achieve best execution. Investment managers can send orders to their brokers with the confidence that their Order Management System is successfully exchanging messages with the brokers’ trade execution systems and that the trade execution system is responsive. We are taking connectivity to the next level with the roll out of new In-Net solutions, which allow customers to benefit from additional functionality built into the RadianzNet platform."

According to Tony Booth, Strategic Business Development Manager:

"Brokers on RadianzNet are very excited about using Radianz Transaction Monitoring to ensure that they are providing good service to their buy-side clients, and we also see demand from investment managers, who will use Radianz Transaction Monitoring to assure the performance of their brokers."

BT Radianz customers can access Radianz Transaction Monitoring through a secure portal called RaPort. The RaPort portal combines business layer transaction monitoring with network level intelligence to give customers the ability to view real-time online service information, such as service availability, performance reports, traffic analysis and network utilization. By combining both sets of information, customers get a comprehensive analysis of message traffic and performance.

Radianz Transaction Monitoring is the second In-Net solution to be launched by BT Radianz since being acquired by BT in April 2005. In June, BT Radianz launched Radianz Proximity, a new service that enables its customers to host algorithmic and program trading applications adjacent to major execution venues, such as Archipelago, NYSE and NASDAQ to achieve single digit millisecond latency. BT Radianz’s new In-Net solutions are services embedded within the network that enable customers to leverage the BT Radianz market infrastructure to improve their business processes.

Additional In-Net solutions optimized for the global financial market are in development.