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Introduces new functionality for market makers

Streamlines multi-currency portfolio pricing for asset managers
Enables faster pricing and access to supplemental liquidity sources

11 July 2005 – FXall, the world’s leading foreign exchange platform, today
announced a series of enhancements to Treasury Center, its market-leading suite of client relationship tools for banks. Treasury Center 2.0 adds further functionality to help banks boost productivity, enhance risk management and deliver faster, more effective service to their customers.

More than 1,150 traders at 55 banks around the world have already implemented
Treasury Center, which delivers a complete solution for making prices to clients.

Treasury Center works seamlessly with both proprietary and vendor rate engines,
enabling dealers to provider faster and more customized prices to their clients.

New features include:

• Enhanced ability to handle complex asset manager workflow
Treasury Center 2.0 enhances banks’ ability to meet the unique workflow
requirements of asset managers and other institutional clients, making it
simple to price an entire portfolio of trades across multiple allocations,
currencies and forward dates. It also adds support for new instrument types
including NDFs and fixed spot swaps.

• More flexible liquidity options
Treasury Center 2.0 also offers banks the opportunity to access supplemental
liquidity on a flexible, deal-by-deal basis. When a bank is asked to provide
quotes in currencies or in sizes in which they do not normally trade, Treasury
Center can automatically source additional liquidity to speed price-making to
customers. This new feature helps banks ensure they can offer a complete FX
solution for institutional clients.

Phil Weisberg, CEO, FXall said: "Treasury Center equips banks with the advanced
pricing and workflow capabilities they need to grow their business and deliver
world-class service to asset managers and other institutional customers. The latest enhancements to our service further extend its ability to help banks handle their clients’ FX needs."