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Allianz Leben optimises processing of incoming post

FrontCollect® is now operational in seven locations

Augsburg/Berlin, 11.07.05 - Kleindienst Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, part of the Beta Systems Group, has introduced an electronic incoming post solution at Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG. With FrontCollect®, Allianz Leben - the German market leader in life insurance - has taken the processing of incoming post to new heights of refinement. The IT system sorts incoming documents by transaction type and extracts from them the data required for further automated processing. The solution is being used successfully in all Allianz Leben locations.

In future, letters, forms and responses from customer mailouts arriving at Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG, Stuttgart, will be sorted electronically and thus processed quicker than before. The incoming post system from Kleindienst Solutions, Augsburg, automatically classifies documents by transaction type into more than sixty different types of process. Following initial use in a live environment, the system is already able to recognise the relevant transaction process in more than 80% of documents.

Customer correspondence is automatically assigned and forwarded to the relevant department or advisor based on the recognised document category and by using information about the sender. The software also locates and reads details in the documents, such as insurance number, and extracts them for subsequent processing. In recent months, the scalable system has been deployed in all of Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG's seven locations and now processes a total of more than 6.8 million pages or three million documents each year.

Reducing the administrative burden

Before selecting FrontCollect®, Allianz conducted extensive preliminary investigations and tests to make sure that the system delivered good recognition results, significantly reduced manual intervention in preliminary sorting, classification and data capture, accelerated the processing of post and thus reduced the administrative burden. FrontCollect® classifies process types using statistical techniques. The outlay incurred in deployment is comparatively small because the system "learns" categories and develops a knowledge base, both of its own accord. The software enjoys a further technical lead in extracting data such as the insurance number from free text documents – for example letters, which are interpreted by analysing the document structure.

Protecting investments

A joint project with Kleindienst integrated the solution seamlessly into existing electronic archiving and processing applications based on FileNET and FileNET Capture. The legacy hardware and software for scanning incoming post was also integrated. With support from Kleindienst, the existing solution for processing particular machine readable documents - responses from Allianz letters to customers - was adopted as is and integrated into the overall solution. The incoming post solution protects Allianz's investment as regards future developments: the system is scalable and upgradeable because, for example, it can be expanded at any time to include e-mail processing functions. For future project phases there are already ideas for further improving recognition results using fuzzy database matches.