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Telegraaf chooses customer data quality with Human Inference

Software improves communication with subscribers of largest newspaper in the

Arnhem, 7 July 2005 – The Dutch media concern Telegraaf Media Groep, listed
at the Euronext Stock Exchange, has extended its cooperation with Human
Inference, the most important supplier of data quality software, with five years.

The goal of the Telegraaf is to offer customers the best service during all
communication. For this, it is essential to have the highest quality of customer data. After an intensive selection period, this quality prerequisite was the reason for the Telegraaf to choose the software of Human Inference once again. The software is being applied within the Siebel CRM-system.
The Telegraaf Customer Contact Center (T3C) deals with all customer contacts
for, among others, the daily newspaper “De Telegraaf” and the Telegraaf
Tijdschriften Groep (magazines). These contacts involve commercial, serviceoriented, billing and collection services. T3C uses the data quality software of Human Inference to prevent double recording of subscription data at the source.

Correct registration of customer data ensures that the newspaper, the magazines
and any other correspondence reach the right address. The software solutions
also ensure immediate and reliable identification of the customer in the call
center. In addition, existing subscribers will no longer receive unnecessary
mailings such as offerings for a trial subscription.
"Being in a highly competitive market, proper customer service is essential to the
Telegraaf”, says Dick Pouw, manager of T3C at the Telegraaf. “Customer loyalty
is an important asset, which we will only receive when the quality of the product
as well as the service and communication with our subscribers are in balance.
Human Inference supports this process with software that strongly improves the
quality of customer data. This is not easy, considering the fact that we have more
than one million subscribers. Our experiences with Human Inference are very
good and we have therefore decided to extend our cooperation for five more
"A multichannel approach (internet, call centers, mail) requires initial identification
of customers and safeguarding the quality of their data. We are proud that the
Telegraaf, after an intensive evaluation, has chosen Human Inference, because
of the best results”, says Hans Ruigrok, vice president sales at Human Inference.