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Digipede Technologies Ships Grid Computing Software for Microsoft Windows

Digipede Technologies showcases its Digipede Network, a grid computing solution for Microsoft Windows that boosts application speed and performance using existing computing resources, at tonight’s Showstoppers @ C3 Expo

NEW YORK, June 28, 2005 – (C3 EXPO) – Digipede Technologies (, the leading provider of distributed computing solutions on the Microsoft® Windows™ platform, today announced it is now shipping the Digipede Network™ 1.0 and is unveiling it at tonight’s Showstoppers @ C3 Expo, the official press event of C3 Expo ( The Digipede Network is a software solution that allows departments or entire enterprises to combine the computing power of their Windows-based computers to improve the speed and scalability of their real-world business applications.

The Digipede Network is the first commercial grid computing solution based entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform and is easier to buy, install, learn and use than other grid computing solutions. While competing offerings require expensive consultants and complex scripting, the Digipede Network is an easy-to-use, affordable solution that requires no custom configuration or on-site implementation help. Customers can be up and running in an hour.

The promises of grid computing – increased application performance, improved asset utilization, dynamic application of resources to computing load – have reached only a small number of very large IT departments. Only Digipede brings the benefits of grid computing to the far larger market of small and medium-sized departments and businesses.

For example, InBoxer, Inc. uses the Digipede Network to accelerate the algorithms in its award-winning email filter software. “Using the Digipede Network, we cut the runtime of our most important statistical analysis applications by about 90% -- from overnight to about 40 minutes,” said Sean True, CTO of InBoxer, an early user of the Digipede Network. “We managed this improvement without learning new scripting languages, or moving datasets around manually; the Digipede Workbench made getting jobs distributed across our network a snap. We are now running jobs that are far larger than any we were ever able to complete on a single machine.”

Richard Ptak, principal analyst at Ptak, Noel & Associates adds, "The adoption of utility and grid computing has been slow due to the complexity, cost, and dependence on Linux and Unix systems. The reality is that there are a lot of companies, agencies and institutions with Windows-centric environments that are looking to implement a grid computing solution, but want a software solution that allows them to take full advantage of their Windows environment and utilize existing hardware without the high cost or need for consultants, and provides them with an alternative to the current Linux and Unix-based grid offerings."

"Grid computing for Windows-based users is now a reality with today's release of the Digipede Network," said John T. Powers, president and CEO of Digipede Technologies. "We’re leveling the playing field for organizations that have been priced out of the grid computing market to date. Until now, the benefits of grid computing have been out of reach for most IT managers, scientists, researchers and business executives because of the cost and complexity of previous solutions. Through Digipede Technologies, customers can implement grid computing affordably, quickly and easily, without expensive hardware investments, deep IT knowledge or legions of pricey consultants."

The Digipede Network is a powerful software tool that parcels out the most complex computing jobs within a department, or across an entire enterprise network, by dynamically allocating the computing power of both dedicated and idle resources. The Digipede Network dramatically improves the speed and scalability of many types of real-world business applications. Because the Digipede Network is easy to deploy and use, customers can focus on solving their key business and research problems rather than wasting time developing a distributed computing infrastructure.

The Digipede Network is available in two editions: the Digipede Network Team Edition meets the needs of small departments and labs that may only have up to 20 computers, while the Digipede Network Professional Edition supports large departments and enterprises with hundreds or thousands of desktops, servers, and cluster nodes across a network. Both Editions include the Digipede Workbench, which is designed to shorten the learning curve so that users can become productive immediately. Through a familiar Windows user interface, users can run distributed computing jobs with ease. Wizards assist users with learning and using the system quickly, and powerful designers provide access to greater system functionality. No complex scripting is required.

In addition, developers can take advantage of Digipede's API, so they can focus on scalability and improving functionality and not waste time on the plumbing required to enable distributed computing themselves.