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Bell ID launches the world’s first Instant Issuance solution for MULTOS step/one Cards with integrated KMA

During the up-coming MasterCard OneSMART & PayPass Conference at the Grand Hyatt

Taipei hotel, on the 11th and 12th of July 2005, Bell ID will present its MULTOS compatible

ANDiS4EMV solution featuring step/one branch issuance with integrated Key Management

Authority (KMA). This represents another MULTOS ‘first’ for Bell ID.

Rotterdam, June 14th 2005

Bell ID B.V. announced today another MULTOS extension for ANDiS4EMV, part of their ANDiS Card Application and Key Management range of products. The launch of the new Instant Issuance Support (branch issuance) for MULTOS step/one cards and the integration of a MULTOS compliant Key Management Authority in a card management system, is another MULTOS ‘first’ for Bell ID. The company was the first to support post-issuance loading of value added applications to MULTOS v 4.0 cards in 2002, the first card management vendor to show data preparation and personalisation of MasterCard M/Chip 4 for MULTOS in 2003 and in 2004 Bell ID became the first Systems Member of the MULTOS consortium.

During the MasterCard OneSMART & PayPass Conference and the following MULTOS Asia Pac Seminar on 14th of July, Bell ID will demonstrate a variety of MULTOS compliant solutions to MasterCard Members and the industry. Delegates will be able to download two additional MULTOS applications to their OneSMART Paypass MULTOS Delegate cards via the ANDiS Post Issuance Personalisation System. At the MULTOS booth visitors can request a step/one card via the ANDiS system and witness the live data preparation of their own sample credit card that will be issued in real time with the Datacard® 150i Desktop Card Personalization System. During the data preparation process the ANDiS Key Management System will provide the step/one KMA functionality, for generation of enablement data and application load certificates, presenting the first integrated step/one KMA capability within a card management system.

To provide branch issuance capability to credit and debit card issuers, Bell ID utilised their proven, decentralised, Web based ANDiS Issuance Module, previously implemented in a number of ID card projects. Adding step/one support to ANDiS now provides issuers with the capability to issue and manage SDA EMV MULTOS step/one cards, and DDA EMV, multi-application MULTOS cards within a single system. The new branch issuance feature and the KMA support complement Bell ID’s phased ANDiS4EMV approach, allowing the banks to migrate in phases at their own preferred speed. Sophisticated, modular and scalable ANDiS components provide a solid platform with the highest level of flexibility to any possible migration strategy of a financial card issuer.

Additional phases in the ANDiS4EMV migration strategy can be implemented when an issuer is ready for the next enhancement, without making any commitment to any future phases. The issuer can select or combine features such as

• Simple data preparation

• EMV parameter Management

• EMV Scripting

• CAP support

• Static and/or dynamic multi application management

• Cryptographic key management inclusive KMA support

• Multi Issuer Support

• Central or branch issuance.

Steve Everhard, CEO of MAOSCO Ltd, said: "Bell ID continue to innovate, exploiting the unique features of latest generation MULTOS products to deliver high quality, deployable solutions that directly benefit MasterCard members. ANDiS represents a unique infrastructure proposition for any existing or prospective MULTOS issuer." "Datacard Group and Bell ID have worked on a number of solutions together and we are very pleased to be part of this successful EMV offering," said Bob Beer, Vice President, Business Development for Datacard Group.

Erik Vermeer, Technical Director of Bell ID, stated: “Integrating step/one support on top of the existing ANDiS MULTOS support was given a high priority at Bell ID since it provides an ideal solution for branch issuance, leveraging the security of Multos and the flexibility of ANDiS. The integrated KMA based on the ANDiS KMS is also an exciting development for Bell ID, Multos and MasterCard issuers."