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Financial Tradeware reveals Online demo of®

Integrated and fully Automated, STP enabled, Portfolio and Fund Management Suite

London, 6th July 2005 – Financial Tradeware Plc, provider of Portfolio and Fund Management Straight Through Processing (STP) solutions for Investment Managers, Fund Managers and Hedge Funds, today announced the online demo of the company’s flagship product:®.

After registration, users will gain secure access to the full suite of modules and will be able to test the system and assess its main functionalities. They will also be able to perform real-life trading scenarios by managing/manipulating portfolios, generating single and group orders, simulate the execution of trades with different brokers, modelling portfolios, real-time monitoring of limits, positions, profit & loss, perform liquidity and cash management, real time accounting and control.

In addition, clearing & settlement functionalities within the back office maintain all client/counterparty records and manage by exception all outgoing/incoming SWIFT messages. Every business activity impacting the modules is logged into an audit trail which is particularly valuable for compliance and auditing purposes.

Financial Tradeware, a company founded by experienced investment managers, who have combined their business expertise with the experience of a team of highly skilled IT specialists and created a state-of-the-art .NET solution of fully integrated applications to meet the needs of their clients.® is a suite of Portfolio and Fund Management applications that automates the front, middle and back-office operations of medium to small size Investment Managers, Fund Managers and Hedge Funds, allowing their businesses to perform more profitably and efficiently. The solution, based Microsoft’s .NET platform, is the result of a 2-years collaboration between Financial Tradeware and Microsoft, now operational in a number of investment manager firms across Europe.

The® suite comprises a series of modules incorporating a number of specialised features, including:

· Multi currency, cross border trading for Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Funds

· Portfolio Management, Administration, Analysis and Modelling

· Order routing and trade confirmations using FIX protocols (4.1 & 4.2)

· Full integration with SWIFT for clearing, settlement and reconciliations with multiple counterparties

· Real-time Accounting, control and Compliance

· Highly secured remote web access for trading, monitoring and publishing

· Risk management tools

· Direct link to major data providers

Mr Alberto Fontana, Managing Director of Financial Tradeware comments: “We have recently held a number of successful Open Days in London, Geneva, Paris and Milan, to demonstrate our offerings. To increase the visibility of Financial Tradeware and to allow users to fully understand the benefits of the® suite, we decided to offer an online opportunity to test our® suite so prospective clients can access from the comfort of their office. Initial indications suggest this has been a great success and we wish to extend the invitation to others to visit our website and experience our products for themselves."