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Avanquest UK offers free upgrade to CallXpress V7.7 with every XpressCare plan

Avanquest UK, provider of Business Process Management solutions to the enterprise and sole UK distributor of AVST (Applied Voice & Speech Technologies) CallXpress, announces unique free upgrade path to CallXpress and PhoneXpress customers undertaking a two-year XpressCare upgrade protection plan.

In addition, a competitive Trade-in Programme is available to customers wishing to replace their existing non-AVST system with a new CallXpress system and Avanquest is offering £150 trade in per port based on the number of CallXpress ports purchased, against application software such as desktop licences for Exchange.

Approved systems for trade-in are extensive, from Avaya, Octel/VMX, Teleware and Nortel, through to Panasonic and Toshiba (a full list is available on request).

The upgrade is available to all customers who have not previously participated in an XpressCare promotion from Avanquest and through Partners and Resellers, and is available from 1 st July.

AVST is a leader in the unified communications marketplace, uniquely combining the strengths of its world-class messaging platform, CallXpress®, with its speech-enabled call management module, Seneca®, to create a powerful, next-generation unified communications solution. Products are designed to scale and support organisations of all sizes.

Matt Lambert, CallXpress Product Manager for the Channel comments "Our CallXpress customers are about to see the value of their investment rise with the exciting, next generation, of features from AVST. We strongly believe that speech driven, hands free, access to Microsoft Exchange, Telephony and Mobility settings will drive CallXpress towards market leadership, with the voice directory dialer leading the way." He goes on to say "About two thirds of our installed customer base will receive the latest version of CallXpress as part of their support plan. This offer is a great opportunity for those customers who currently have no software protection to gain maximum value and take full advantage of Unified Communications."

By participating in this promotion, customers will benefit from the new features of CallXpress 7.7 which include:

AVST’s Integrated Client Access (ICA) enables voicemail messages and fax messages to be stored on the CallXpress server, while still providing unified messaging. Through the ICA interface, any IMAP-compatible e-mail client may access the voice and fax messages stored on the CallXpress server, without impacting the e-mail server itself.

CallXpress 7.7 has a new interface that emulates the Octel® Serenade® (VMX) telephone user interface (TUI). From the user’s perspective, it is nearly identical to the original Serenade (VMX) TUI when it comes to sending and managing messages, while the administrative prompts have been designed to support all of the standard CallXpress options. Octel users retain a high level of comfort when switching to the CallXpress system. It greatly reduces the need for re-training workers who are accustomed to using the old Serenade (VMX) system.

By adding enhanced Citrix® terminal services compatibility, the CallXpress 7.7 graphical user interface (GUI) can be viewed and accessed remotely using Citrix. This enables remote users to have a fully featured CallXpress GUI on their desktop PC’s. For administrators who deploy full unified messaging capabilities, it saves the time and effort of deploying and maintaining AVST’s software on multiple client machines because all CallXpress software can now reside on the Citrix server. AVST is one of the first in this space to offer the Citrix compatibility.

They will also receive all software upgrades for the next two years, including CallXpress 8.0 to be released in 2006, and are entitled to AVST Technical Support through their reseller. It is important to note that customers also recognise significant savings by purchasing XpressCare instead of individually purchasing software upgrades at a later date.