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PolarLake launches free Enterprise Service Bus fast track evaluation and adoption program for IBM Customers

Makes available Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product offering native support for the IBM business integration stack, including WebSphereMQ, WebSphere Application Server and DB2.

Dublin, Ireland, 1st July, 2005 — PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, today announced the availability of free proof-of-concept (POC) programs for IBM customers wishing to utilize PolarLake’s leading Enterprise Service Bus product alongside their existing IBM technology investment. Within this unique program, running throughout Q3 2005, qualifying organizations will be able to see for themselves exactly how PolarLake’s ESB can deliver real benefits to their business whilst leaving existing investment intact and thus minimizing the costs of disruption.

The POC program includes access to all relevant PolarLake products – including the Integration Suite – and five days of on-site professional services. During this time PolarLake can design, build and create real applications, solving complex integration challenges and managing the orchestration and mediation of software services - without code. As PolarLake works seamlessly alongside the existing IBM product stack – including WebSphereMQ, WebSphere Application Server and DB2 Universal Database – IBM customers are able to deploy these applications within their own environments in order to confirm the suitability of the ESB approach to their own specific requirements.

"PolarLake has many customers already using our products with the IBM middleware stack. These organizations were keen to experience the benefits offered by adoption of the ESB – business agility, reduced total cost of ownership, and new productivity in development. PolarLake offers these organizations a real alternative to the existing options: a ‘DIY’ approach, with all the costs and risks associated with such an approach, or the introduction of duplicate products from other vendors in order to access commercial ESB products. This program allows organizations to find out why IBM’s customers are choosing PolarLake, and how PolarLake can help organizations achieve their own business objectives in a cost effective and low risk way," said Ronan Bradley, CEO, PolarLake.

"PolarLake offers a strong and proven product suite which delivers a new approach, uniquely supplying the missing pieces of IBM’s integration jigsaw. We do not require the installation of new messaging products, application servers or databases. We are able to offer IBM customers a fast-track to ESB that delivers all of the benefits and none of the costs or risks."