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Panopticon Enterprise .Net To be launched at SIA New York

June 20th, 2005, New York, NY – Panopticon, the leading supplier of real-time visualisation tools to the world’s financial markets, today announced the launch of Panopticon Enterprise.Net, a distributed web solution based on Microsoft .Net technology, and the latest addition to the product line.

In Panopticon's latest product, emphasis has been put on ease-of-use while shifting control of the options and settings from the administrator to the user, giving the user full access and control. "You actually get a treemap application that is using live data installed and up and running in 15 minutes," says Markus Skyttner, CTO of Panopticon. "This is our most exciting product so far".

Panopticon Enterprise.Net is a client server solution based on Microsoft’s .Net technology that directly addresses financial institutions’ visualisation needs. Financial institutions spend up to 50 percent of their IT budgets on integration; Panopticon’s .Net reduces those costs dramatically. It enables companies to use visualisation as a navigation hub, connecting different systems and acts as a catalyst for a new generation of business applications that directly address today’s most pressing needs. Panopticon Enterprise.Net delivers an easy to deploy solution that is reliable, scalable, maximizes business agility and minimizes maintenance and total cost of ownership. It fully integrates visualisation with existing systems and data feeds, facilitating analysis and decision-making and supporting access across various platforms.

Panopticon Enterprise.Net can be used to create any number of configurable applications which publish treemaps using Internet technologies. A powerful treemap server connects to all available data sources, such as data feeds, spreadsheets and databases and serves an unlimited number of users.

On the server side Panopticon is the first vendor to offer a backend that is no longer limited to a Java environment since it runs in Microsoft’s .Net environment making it more flexible and faster to deploy.

On the client side Panopticon now offers a thin as well as a rich client in addition to the Java version available in earlier versions. A thin client can run in any browser, and does not require any third party plug-ins or any client side requirements. With a rich client you need a browser capable of running Java or .Net applications. The rich client offers solutions with real-time treemaps capable of richly interactive features such as continuous smooth zoom, animations and other highly useful user interface features.

For the administrator it is now possible to make updates in a web interface. This enables remote administration since updates can be done from any office location.

Using Panopticon Enterprise.Net, customers can quickly and easily create treemap applications based on complex business-critical information from multiple data sources.

Panopticon Enterprise.Net gives the end-user complete control; the tools available enable powerful data analysis in several dimensions simultaneously. Values can be aggregated or compared on the fly. Objects satisfying multiple criteria can be identified instantly. Overall, the focus has moved from administrator level configurations to user level selections.