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GoldenSource™ selects market leading data integration tool from Sunopsis to complement its proprietary Datamodel™

Sunopsis brings unique technical and cost advantages to GoldenSource clients in the extraction, transformation and loading of data from the GoldenSource Datamodel into query and reporting environments.

NEW YORK, NY and BURLINGTON, MASS. — June 13, 2005 — GoldenSource Corporation, a global software provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions to the securities and financial services industry, and Sunopsis Inc., a technology innovator in the data integration market, today announced that GoldenSource has selected Sunopsis ETL as a recommended tool for the efficient extraction of highly normalized data from the GoldenSource Datamodel into a data mart for intelligent queries and reporting. The Sunopsis ETL tool was selected for scalability and the way it complements GoldenSource’s own data management technology.

GoldenSource helps customers consolidate and leverage their data by providing the data management infrastructure that transforms critical business data into actionable information. This data resides in a variety of siloed systems, and therefore in multiple formats. For instance, an order management system may define a customer in one way, while a back-end accounting system may define the same customer differently. Data integration, in conjunction with extract, transform and load capabilities, address these challenges and allow companies to transport, manage and synchronize large quantities of information across the enterprise to support business processes and enable enhanced decision-making.

The GoldenSource Datamodel is the foundation of the applications within the GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management suite. It is a comprehensive industry standard data model and an ideal data repository for a variety of static and transactional reference data including positions. Within the Datamodel the data is highly normalized to insure consistency. However, in today’s demanding and highly regulated business environment, organizations need the ability to analyze data such as positions or transactions across many different dimensions to gain that insight that provides a true competitive advantage. In this situation a more denormalized data mart is required for specific queries and reporting. The Sunopsis ETL tool implements an innovative Extract, Load and Transform (E-L-T) approach, where transformations are performed as close to the data as possible, increasing the performance of the processes while decreasing their cost. This unique architectural approach generates native and optimized SQL code for each Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS), both source and target repositories, and orchestrates the execution of the statements created. As a combined offering, GoldenSource and Sunopsis can deliver the strategic architecture organizations need to solve their data management issues and realize the full benefits of that data.

"In many organizations, the proliferation of data sources and back-office systems has made the task of delivering accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive data upon which critical decisions should be based, very difficult," said Tom Stock, senior vice president product management at GoldenSource Corporation. "The Sunopsis ETL solution helps GoldenSource customers meet this challenge by facilitating the availability of the right data in the right format for query and analysis. With this integrated offering, our customers will be able to further leverage their most powerful data in real-time."

"Sunopsis has taken data integration to the next level," said Yves de Montcheuil, director of product marketing at Sunopsis. "Unlike traditional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) products that rely on a proprietary engine to run their processes, the Sunopsis E-L-T (Extract-Load-Transform) approach leverages the database engines to perform the data transformations. This architecture allows for the management of very large data volumes, the support of a long list of data sources, and is able to address batch and real-time integration needs with an unmatched performance/price ratio."