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Patsystems launches new product suite for professional traders

Two new front-ends and performance enhancements give professionals more trading power

Patsystems, London, 8 June 2005. Patsystems, the global supplier of trading technology and exchange systems technology, has released two new front-ends (Pro-Mark and IQ-Trader) and an enhanced ‘Platinum’ version of its current trading platform.

The changes are a major advance for the Patsystems product suite and overall service offering, providing end users with a variety of new and innovative technologies.


Pro-Mark is a premium front-end for professional futures traders who want the highest levels of speed, functionality and power. Developed after comprehensive market research, Pro-Mark provides a range of unique trading tools such as ‘Grid’, ‘Prism’ and ‘Reflector’.

• Grid enables traders to view and trade exchange-supported spreads, strips, packs and bundles from a single window
• Prism is a next generation multi-leg spreading tool
• Reflector is Patsystems unique market depth trading tool.

The first release of Pro-Mark, targeted at short-term interest rate (STIR) traders and yield curve traders, includes Grid and Reflector and will be available from 13 June 2005. Prism will be added in a later release.


IQ-Trader provides a wealth of powerful intra-day and historical charting and analytical tools, combined with the ability to define and execute a wide range of automated trading strategies. It supports simple point-and-click order entry as well as more complex strategies using automatic entry and exit levels, trailing stops and other advanced features.

At the heart of IQ-Trader is a powerful ‘back-testing’ and ‘optimisation’ module. This allows traders to test and refine their strategies and to build their own meta-strategies at the click of a mouse. IQ-Trader also includes ‘spreadmaster’, which allows users to trade multiple leg inter-contract spreads and to build, test and create automatic spread-trading strategies. Ideal for technical and system traders, IQ-Trader is a set of market-leading tools that enables traders to turn ideas and concepts into trading realities.

‘Platinum’ platform

In addition to launching two new front-ends, Patsystems has substantially improved the performance of its current platform. The enhanced platform – known as the ‘Platinum’ version – delivers a 30% improvement in speed and performance. This has been achieved by refinements to the Patsystems order routing engine and price servers, and by taking advantage of the latest technologies, such as Hewlett Packard’s Itanium Integrity Server.

CEO comment

Commenting on the changes, Patsystems’ CEO Kevin Ashby said: "The joint launch of Pro-Mark and IQ-Trader, together with the Platinum performance enhancements, extends our suite of products for the professional futures trader.The feedback from our early adopters is excellent and underlines our belief that we are now delivering the advances and technology edge required by the professional sector."

Customer comments on Pro-Mark
The following comments were made after customer trials:

"After a few tweaks, Pro-Mark will be the best front-end available."

Jack Griffith - Chicago

"Pro-Mark is more user friendly and functional than either of the products I currently use. Pro-Mark execution is speedy and, so far, robust to the extent that once the few visual issues have been corrected I shall introduce it to my traders at Global Exchange Trading for their use and will use Pro-Mark on a daily basis as my platform of choice."

Director of Global Exchange Trading - London