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Nick Leeson Returns to the City

London, UK 8th June 2005–CityCompass Research, the independent research company of contemporary market issues affecting the financial services sector, today announced that Nick Leeson the ex Barings trader will be speaking and joining the panel at a morning briefing on the 13th July, which will analyse today’s securities market in the light of the impending Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and in context of the events of ten years ago.

Gary Wright the Managing Director of CityCompass Research said we are pleased to welcome Mr Leeson onto our panel and present his unique incite into one of the major events in the history of financial services that established the benchmark of regulation that we have today. For many people today’s regulations were born when Barings died and we are delighted that Dermot Turing from Clifford Chance will be able to bring us up to date with the aftermath and the new directives today including MiFID."