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Rabo Securities Selects SunGard's FRONT ARENA for Equity Order Management

Stockholm, June 7, 2005 -SunGard (NYSE: SDS) announced today that Rabo Securities, the equity investment bank of Rabobank Group plans to implement FRONT ARENA for equity trading, order management and exchange connectivity.

FRONT ARENA will replace the bank's existing in-house system to help enable the integration of the bank's wholesale and retail order flow, with connectivity to multiple execution venues including exchanges, brokerage networks and customers. Rabo Securities will also take advantage of FRONT ARENA's smart order routing, rules-based order interception, basket trading and internalisation functions.

"One of the real benefits of FRONT ARENA is its open and scalable architecture, providing a single system for handling the trade order flow of almost any financial instrument, coupled with excellent market access. This gives us the confidence to deploy FRONT ARENA to manage this very important area of our business with the knowledge that the system can evolve with us", said Robert van der Meij, head of equities, Rabo Securities.

"FRONT ARENA's open architecture will give Rabo Securities the opportunity to add new products and services, as business opportunities emerge", said Peter Banham, managing director, at SunGard's FRONT ARENA business unit. "We are confident that we will be able to help the bank in streamlining the number of systems across the trading organisation, helping it to leverage significant gains in operational efficiency and risk control."