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Direct shares are now for sharing

6 June 2005

Just launched is a new and cost effective way to manage portfolios of direct shares - a way so effective it compares favourably with managed fund alternatives. The timing is strong with many dealers and advisers seeing direct shares as the major developing financial planning differentiator.

‘This is the first time a truly scalable solution has been offered - a fundamentally new way to handle personalised portfolios of direct shares. Cost wise, it compares well with wholesale managed funds and offers highly sophisticated alternatives.’ Announced Stuart Holdsworth today, Managing Director of financial simplicity.

‘Personal managed portfolios of direct shares have been the sole territory of the very wealthy and their elite private client advisers for a long time. Now it is not only economical for quite modest investors but good news as well for the wealthy and their advisers too – a vastly more responsive service.’ said Stuart Holdsworth.

‘Personal managed portfolios are great for the adviser and perfect for the client and financial simplicity provides the answer – the holy grail if you like to direct equity investment management.’ claims Holdsworth.

‘The core challenge to advisers and dealers in actively managing client portfolios is to combine highly customised client service, optimal post tax investment returns with cutting edge business efficiency. financial simplicity enables this for direct equities, and managed funds too.’ Holdsworth explained.

‘We believe advisors want to grow their business, and scale their client numbers - not expand their operations.’ commented Holdsworth.

’financial simplicity is not only perfect for dealer groups, but great for independent advisers too. It starts as a productivity tool and transitions to provide highly scalable and highly personalised portfolio management.’ said Holdsworth.

financial simplicity is now available to advisors, dealer groups and would be portfolio manufacturers of individual managed share portfolios and potentially has some long term implications for the way wealth management is manufactured and delivered in Australia, and by whom. It is the culmination of five years of mathematical and computational research by Founder Stuart Holdsworth.

financial simplicity is both a service for portfolio manufacturing and the delivery of personalised managed share portfolios. It power lies in its ability to do this in manner cost effective for one, a hundred or a thousand portfolios.’ stated Holdsworth.

The financial simplicity system will take independent or in-house equity model portfolio research and apply that on request instantly as a series of trade recommendations across one or thousands of client portfolios, taking into account the highly personalised need and constraints of the individual investor which are kept on the client portfolio record.

financial simplicity combined can work with a platform or many platforms, making it easier and quicker for planners to perform client reviews and provide the highest level of service. It minimises compliance risks by providing a framework that planners can operate in, yet not restrict their ability to service clients. Also by introducing compliance into the sales and review process, administration and business risk on planners and dealer groups will be significantly reduced.