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Premiere Provider of Information Technology Research Identifies IONA'S Artix as Ideally Suited for Enterprise Integration Projects

DUBLIN, Ireland & WALTHAM, Mass - May 31, 2005 - IONA Technologies (NASDAQ:
IONA), a world leader in high-performance integration solutions for mission-critical IT environments, today announced that Artix 3.0, the latest version of the company's extensible Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), was reviewed positively in a Technology Audit prepared by Butler Group, a leading IT industry analyst firm. Butler Group Technology Audits are objective, third party assessments that describe the relevance and effectiveness of technology solutions available to today's enterprises.

Upgrades in Artix 3.0 that include tight integration with the open source Eclipse IDE and improvements to enterprise Qualities of Service (QoS) in the areas of security, high availability and transaction support, prompted the authors of the May 2005 Butler Group Technology Audit to report that, "version 3.0 of Artix has taken a step forward in the ESB market with the opening up of the development environment and added enterprise Quality of Service functionality." Commenting further on the importance of enterprise QoS, the Technology Audit also indicates that, "with Artix, IONA has set out to deliver enterprise-scale service bus integration. The solution covers the basic ESB requirements, but also features the enterprise QoS, including security, management, transactions, and load balancing and availability, that serve large-scale, multi-platform integration projects."

"In Artix 3.0, we have brought to market an extensible ESB designed to meet the specific integration challenges faced by organisations with large, distributed, heterogeneous computing environments running applications critical to the success of their businesses," said Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA.
"These same companies rely on unbiased, objective technology assessments, like those provided by the Butler Group Technology Audits, to support their technology buying decisions. We're very pleased that Butler Group has responded so positively to the upgrades and updates incorporated into Artix 3.0, and that they are able to communicate the benefits of these improvements through an outlet like the Butler Group Technology Audits."

Butler Group Technology Audits provide technology buyers with a means to evaluate the myriad products, technologies and solutions that are available in the market. Each Technology Audit offers a product analysis, describes the featured product's operation, discusses product deployment, outlines the product strategy and provides a general company profile. In describing the operation of Artix, the Butler Group states that, "Artix is designed to support high availability requirements for load balancing and fail over, making it suitable for mission-critical systems that need to remain operational regardless of load or system failure." The Technology Audit concludes with the following evaluation of Artix and the market that the technology serves: "Diversity of platforms is inherent in enterprises, representing the historical build-up of legacy systems comprising host transactions, client/server applications, and Web applications. With smart end-points and no need for intermediate hubs to enable EAI, Artix is ideally suited to enterprise integration projects and Butler Group believes IONA's Artix has an opportunity to establish itself in the forefront of this market."