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Cognotec's RealStream cracks ESR conundrum

26th May 2005, Stockholm; Cognotec, the world’s leading provider of automated trading solutions, has announced the launch of RealStream a stand-alone solution enabling banks to deliver executable streaming rates (ESR) to their clients. RealStream is the most sophisticated solution in the market combining scalability with enhanced pricing control and the flexibility to provide a revenue-enhancing business tool for the bank.

Using RealStream banks can maintain and optimise margins whilst offering their clients a fast and reliable trading solution which ensures quality tradable market rates accurately reflect the traders’ view of the market in conjunction with highly controllable client pricing. Clients automatically receive their chosen currencies on their desktop, with prices constantly being updated by the bank allowing the client to execute a trade with a single key stroke.

For its part, the bank enjoys a robust and highly scalable solution – essential in choppy trading conditions – which interfaces directly to its automated trading system and which comes with a range of built-in safeguards. These include:

RealStream Trader, Cognotec’s Market Rate Management solution: Enables the bank to obtain rates from multiple sources, blend and configure them and apply margins in order to publish executable rates which reflect the dealing desks’ position.

Configurable client pricing: So that the bank can offer liquidity at a price which reflects its’ revenue requirements, rates can be skewed and spread offering streams to support individual clients, groups of clients, or different channels.

Multi-channel support: Allowing the bank to offer high quality, executable prices wherever their clients wish to trade. Supported channels include portals, proprietary platforms, internal clients and a RealStream API for integration with different points of sale.

Controllability: Credit checks carried out at defined stages of the trade and ‘Hit Protection’ protecting the bank from unusual trading activity, providing controllability in a liquid market place.

Sean O’Donnell, RealStream Product Director for Cognotec said: "The sophistication of RealStream reflects the work we have done with leading trading banks on developing this application. Executable Streaming Rates are the chosen mode of trading for fund managers and large corporates, to remain competitive banks must offer a robust, scalable solution across all channels. Increasingly sophisticated tools like RealStream enable banks to optimise their trading to ensure they are enjoying the best opportunities to attract business, without leaving the trading desk exposed to loss-making transactions."