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ACI launches packaged EMV solutions

ACI answers call for integrated EMV compliance and comprehensive risk management solutions

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 16 May 2005) – ACI Worldwide, a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment solutions, is introducing modular packaged solutions to help card issuers of all sizes migrate easily and cost effectively to EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) international standards or to enhance existing EMV solutions. ACI announced the launch at Cards Middle East 2005, the annual Middle Eastern payments and transactions summit, 16 - 17 May 2005 in Dubai.

With the January 2006 EMV compliance deadline for MasterCard SAMEA and Visa CEMEA regions fast approaching, the industry is focusing its attention on making sure its card operations meet EMV requirements. Many small and medium sized organisations are finding it difficult to justify the large expense of upgrading their existing cards business to new EMV compliant chip cards for fraud reduction alone and wish to introduce new, value-added services and functionality to customers. Organisations at a more advanced EMV migration stage are looking to use EMV to introduce multiple applications on chip cards and differentiate their offerings to customers through innovative card technology.

As a result of varying levels of migrations, organisations are turning to cost effective modular answers, which meet their own custom needs today but allow for further development as their requirements change.

ACI has 30 years of experience in the payments business and offers a comprehensive suite of products, which provide end-to-end solutions for transaction processing. ACI understands the impact and requirements of the migration to EMV smart cards and has used its knowledge and experience to offer a suite of solutions to address banks’ EMV needs.

The ACI Issuer Chip Enabler packages are modular solutions, which provide a foundation for the EMV migration process. The solutions are aimed both at issuers wishing to take their first step along the path to full EMV enablement, and at those who wish to initiate their migration with the ability to manage multiple card products, different card technologies and even multiple application cards from the outset. The packages enable full chip enhancement to existing magnetic stripe issuing systems with the least change, cost and risk.

The ACI Issuer Dynamic Risk Management solution provides a set of modules to enhance the EMV infrastructure enabling both sophisticated authorisation techniques and comprehensive risk parameter management post-issuance. The solution gives the issuer the ability to change parameters for an individual card, all cards for a particular product or the whole portfolio, giving enhanced fraud monitoring and credit risk management.

The ACI Issuer Chip Personalisation Manager solution ensures economic, flexible operations for both issuers who personalise smart cards in-house and personalisation bureaus, and makes smart card personalisation transparent and easy to operate. The solution is fully scalable and manages personalisation either centrally or at multiple locations, and even personalisation at the branch as part of ACI’s instant issuance solution.

Anoop Ubhey, senior smart card industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said, "Looking at the experience ACI Worldwide brings, I believe it creates a greater level of confidence in any customer and provides them the support that will allow them to jump onto the EMV bandwagon and leapfrog others struggling with the whole process."

"With international card schemes strongly promoting the use of EMV-based smart cards, organisations that wish to implement smart card technology need reliable, easy-to-use solutions that enhance their existing infrastructure without major impact to the operation and with minimal risk," said Rainier Brueren, managing director and vice president ACI Smart Card division of ACI Worldwide (EMEA). "ACI recognises that not all organisations will undertake their EMV migration in the same way and may also be at different stages in the migration. Taking this into consideration, we have packaged our proven and customisable solutions to enable organisations to develop their infrastructure in a cost-effective phased manner. Our new EMV packages provide our customers with a chip-enabled infrastructure that is open, flexible and able to grow with requirements."