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Rhyme Systems wins Barclays back office contract

London 18th April 2005: Rhyme Systems today announces the signing of a new Quasar 6 back office software contract with Barclays Private Bank.

Quasar gives wealth managers the ability to distribute and process vital information, both internally and externally. It has a large installed base of mainly UK investment management firms, including Coutts, M&G, Jupiter and Rathbone.

"A key area for Barclays is data distribution, which is vital for supporting its complex business operations. In the future, the intuitive interfaces and consolidation of functionality offered by Quasar 6 will allow much more rapid implementation of new data extracts and queries.This is a significant benefit resulting from the Quasar 6 deployment. The provision of advanced integration and data interrogation capabilities is delivering a real business advantage to our clients," explains Andy Colman, Quasar 6 Implementation Manager, Rhyme Systems.

"What will be the proof point for us is a rapid implementation. Rhyme has been very confident and aggressive in its timeframe without compromising the quality of its service and we look forward to the imminent live date," says Mark Jones, IT Project Manager, Barclays Private Bank.