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Kx Systems Expands Trading Analysis Capabilities

Kdb+tow lets traders test advanced strategies by executing real-time analyses while replaying historical data.

Palo Alto (April 19, 2005) - Kx systems, leader in high-performance databases and time-series analysis, today extended its portfolio of financial products by announcing kdb+tow, an application that enables traders to test sophisticated algorithms by replaying historical ticks through their models. The company also announced that it has ported the kdb+ database and applications to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64.

"Trading is becoming increasingly automated," said Janet Lustgarten, Kx CEO, " and proprietary trading models have become the key to competitive differentiation in the financial services industry. To take advantage of split-second market opportunities, traders must be prepared with pre-tested, advanced algorithms that determine whether to execute trades in real-time."

Kdb+tow, an application layered on the kdb+database, enables traders to test their models against actual market ticks saved in history. In this way, traders can have confidence that their most sophisticated algorithms will result in real market gains for the firm and its clients.

In order to use kdb+tow, a firm needs a historical database to replay as the models are tested. Kx Systems offers kdb+tick, a tick database and time-series analysis application that enables firms to capture ticks in real-time each day while also building a vast historical database. Kdb+tick automatically builds the historical databases replayed by kdb+tow.

"People often associate ticks with real-time capture and analysis only," explained Arthur Whitney, Kx CTO. "But in today's more sophisticated trading environments, that approach is too limited. If you can't save tick data in history, you've lost the ability to test your models against real activity in the market, and you'll fall behind in how quickly you can develop and launch new strategies."

Customers can also elect to use kdb+tow with any source of historical data, including flat files, as well as with kdb+taq, a fast loader of NYSE TAQ data into the kdb+ database.

With kdb+tow traders can test their models against any date range: today, yesterday, the past week, the past 10 years. Analyses are run at faster than real-time speeds so that traders can perform sufficient tests on each algorithm and see the results immediately. "Kdb+tow provides financial firms with unprecedented competitive potential," said Whitney. "For example, you can typically replay an entire day's worth of NYSE trade and quote data in under a minute."

Like all products in the kdb+ family, kdb+tow is available for 64- or 32-bit operating environments: Linux, Windows, Solaris. Binary compatibility between the 32- and 64-bit kdb+ family enables firms to migrate applications easily to 64-bit machines. In addition, binary compatibility ensures that firms can continue to test historical 32-bit data in newer 64-bit environments without porting or rewriting applications.

Kdb+tow is available worldwide now. For more information, contact [email protected]

Kx Ports Kdb+ to Windows Server x64
Kx has added Windows Server x64 to its list of supported operating systems, along with Windows XP Professional x64. The Windows x64 version of the Kdb+ database and applications is available for Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron servers.

Kx is becoming known for helping leading firms transition smoothly to 64-bit systems," said Tom Gibbs, Director, Strategy and Planning, Solutions Market Development Group, Intel Corporation. We work with companies like Kx to deliver great solutions with the next generation of innovative technology. Their support of Intel Xeon processors with 64-bit extensions opens the way for firms who need 64-bit power and memory capacity to develop sophisticated 64-bit applications immediately."