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Spin Off of TF Asset Management Becomes Latest Hedge Fund to Utilize to Manage Sophisticated Arbitrage Strategies

NEW YORK, March 16, 2005 - Imagine Software, the leading provider of full-service hosted trading and risk management solutions for the global financial industry, today announced Montrachet Capital Management LLC has successfully launched a new cross-asset volatility arbitrage fund with full trading, portfolio and risk management from Montrachet Capital Management has made the decision to deploy to help support the growth of its new arbitrage fund and address the increasing levels of regulatory compliance.

Montrachet Capital Management is a spin off fund manager created by TF Asset Management, a manager with over $100 million in assets under management and an Imagine Software customer since 2002. D3 Partners is Montrachet Capital Management's first fund. The fund seeks to arbitrage related volatility surfaces both across and within multiple asset classes globally.

Montrachet Capital Management represents the latest in a series of asset managers to launch a new fund using to satisfy demands for transparency, and the first customer to utilize the solution's real-time data feeds for NYMEX and COMEX contracts. Imagine's hosted service supplies D3 Partners with real-time pricing and risk management of derivatives and underlyings across all four of the major asset classes, including fixed income and commodities. Providing a comprehensive front-to-back office solution for its diverse portfolios, allows Montrachet Capital Management to mitigate risk as it expands into new asset classes and more complex trading strategies.

"Since rolling out real-time NYMEX and COMEX data, I have found Imagine Software to be fairly unique among risk software providers because it now fully supports real-time trading of all the major asset classes and increasingly complex strategies," states Donald Dale, Managing Partner of Montrachet Capital Management. "With the launch of our new fund, satisfies our investor demands for risk transparency while allowing us to utilize capital resources more efficiently to focus on our core business of profitably managing assets."

"We are delighted that TF Asset Management has decided to expand its three-year relationship with Imagine Software by launching Montrachet Capital Management and its new fund with," says Steven Harrison, President of Imagine Software. "Because of the dynamic requirements of hedge funds like Montrachet Capital Management, we continue to work directly with our clients to ensure our products meet their evolving needs. As a result, is quickly becoming the solution of choice for hedge funds of all sizes because of its breadth of trading and risk capabilities."

Imagine is the only vendor that offers a full-service hosted solution, which provides the benefits of software on demand. It ensures immediate global accessibility and rapid time to market at minimal cost.