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Trace Financial Limited (part of Trace Group plc) today announced that its market leading financial messaging solutions Cloverleaf®finance, the application integration platform and Transformer, the data integration and dictionary-based transformation toolkit have been awarded the SWIFTReady GOLD label in the Financial EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) category for the seventh year.

Cloverleaf®finance allows disparate systems to share information and deliver seamless, non-invasive integration of internal systems both with each other and with external services. It is an ‘Out-of-the-box’ solution for interface management, message conversion, routing, message audit and has inbuilt testing capabilities.

"We are delighted to receive this coveted recognition of Cloverleaf®finance excellence for the seventh year in a row", said Nick Tonge, sales director of Trace Financial. He added, "Yet again, this puts Trace ahead of the game in terms of our software solutions, experience and ability to deliver. Our customers find it very reassuring to partner with the industry experts."

The SWIFTReady GOLD label also covers ‘Transformer’, Trace’s new pure Java and XML based data dictionary transformation tool. It is designed to cope with new and constantly evolving message structures that are the day-to-day challenge representing greatest ongoing risk and cost to major financial institutions. Its unique approach allows business analysts (not just programmers) to control the system and business demands created by evolving messaging standards.

"We appreciate Trace Financial’s enthusiasm and ability to quickly deliver SWIFT ready advanced technology to our clients leading to enhanced enterprise integration and customer value ," says Olivier Roucloux, EAI Industry Analyst at SWIFT. "We look forward to exploring new opportunities together with Trace Financial and are very pleased to award the SWIFTReady Gold Financial EAI label 2005 to their Cloverleaf®finance and Transformer products."

John Murphy, managing director of Trace Financial, said "Transformer’s new approach is proven to be inherently more flexible to cope with the latest and evolving message structures. The co-existence of multiple messaging standards is no longer an issue. Achievement of SWIFTReady Gold status endorses not only its capabilities as a future-proof transformation tool, but also the real value delivered to the business community with this innovative technology".

To achieve the GOLD label for Financial EAI, products have to support the full SWIFT message library including Market Practice compliance for ISO15022 messages, demonstrate facilitation of Straight Through Processing (e.g. by transformation and routing capability) and offer various connection methods to the SWIFTNet network via SWIFTAlliance. Only software products that are compliant with all tests, including the proactive implementation of new SWIFT standards, receive the SWIFTReady GOLD label.