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Etrali launches Mach 3D, the High-Performance Turret for High-Performance Trading Professionals

2 March 2005, London: Etrali, the leading provider of enterprise-integrated voice trading solutions, has unveiled Mach 3D, the most sophisticated trading turret on the market today.

The compact and cost effective new turret links seamlessly to desktop PCs to improve workflow support, and offers a wealth of innovative new technical features to both end-users and technical support teams.

Among the swathe of new functions the Mach 3D eliminates acoustic feedback and automatically cancels echoing. It also enables users to identify different participants in conference calls by positioning them in distinct fifteen degree segments of the listening field. This innovative new technology, developed in conjunction with parent France Telecom, removes any confusion about who and when is speaking.

These new features are in addition to the advanced functionality that traders have come to expect from Etrali dealerboards. The turret has easily assigned buttons and touch-screen technology, offers access to over 18,000 lines and a variety of call dialling and filtering options.

"Mach 3D is the most advanced turret currently available, and is built on Etrali’s four decades of experience of specialist trading room technology," says Marie Anguera, Paris-based Head of Global Products. "Competition in the dealerboard market has never been tighter, but Mach 3D continues to mark Etrali out from the pack. We continue to add innovative products such as Mach 3D, and increase our support for customers globally, by expanding our presence in areas such as Taiwan. The Mach 3D turret has a number of embedded features, ensuring that desks are kept as clutter-free as possible without compromising the functionality a trader needs to operate effectively and profitably.

Mach 3D is future-proof, designed to be adaptable to the ever-evolving trading room technology environment, and is the only turret currently available with built-in compatibility with both Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP).

"Financial organisations have to get the most out of their technology investments and the Mach 3D turret helps them do just that," says Anguera. "By being compatible with both TDM and IP, upgrading its network does not mean a customer has to upgrade all its dealerboards."