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Etrali first to market with highly flexible terminal for voice and data integrated solutions

Etradeal Vision is the only customizable terminal enabling efficient access to both the tradefloor telephony and the enterprise information platforms and resources. Etradeal Vision is the ideal integration platform for all positions in the trading room as well as for remote working and back-up solutions

14th December 2004, Paris -- Etrali, the leading provider of enterprise- ntegrated voice trading solutions, announced today Version 1 of Etradeal Vision. Following rigourous evaluation with French, Swiss and US customers, Etradeal Vision V1, its Voice over IP (VoIP) terminal, has been highly tailored to remote working and back-up and will be available early in 2005.

Marie Anguera, head of Etrali Global Products, comments: "I am very proud to be the first to market with proven VoIP technology that enables access to Etrali voice-trading platform directly from any PC and has a powerful echo-cancelling feature - Vision V1. We will continue to work closely with our clients to build further versions of Vision that will satisfy more specific requirements, such as those of sales people, relationship managers, portfolio managers and analysts."

F Etradeal Vision V1 is the perfect, cost-effective solution for mobile working and satellite offices. It keeps professionals in touch with their clients and the markets while they are working remotely, whether from other offices or from home.

F Etradeal VisionV1 can also form a vital part of a disaster recovery strategy, ensuring that business continues without interruption if, for any reason, normal facilities become unavailable.

F Etradeal Vision V1 has an open interface for those financial institutions that want to build customized, integrated computer and telephony on a single workstation for hybrid voice and e-trading, for effective workflow support from the front office to the middle and the back-office and for any links to personal productivity applications such as “instant messaging”, e-mail, videoconferencing as well as Enterprise applications.

Product Overview

Etradeal Vision V1 runs on a PC, with standard PC interface, using drag-and- drop, windowing, custom toolbars, sort and search, pop-up menus, etc.

Users can choose between traditional mouse-driven commands and touch-screen operation. Secure access is guaranteed using login and password.

The PC is connected to an Etrali voice-trading system via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi local network, or over an ADSL (broadband) Internet connection.

Etradeal Vision V1 is powered by the JadeApplicationServer, residing in the Etradeal voice platform, enabling seamless integration with all of the platform resources and free-seating.

Etradeal Vision V.1 will be available in a number of languages, including English, French, and Spanish; it may be adapted to other languages.

The main telephony functions

One handset
Simultaneously process multiple calls
Visualize the status of all calls in progress
Hold, clear and transfer calls
Put any number of private or group calls on hold
Make hands-free intercom (internal) calls
Initiate or participate in conference calls
See where incoming calls are coming from before answering, using Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Pick-up the call, continue to work on your application
Automatically hang up
Receive voice mail notification via Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Be voice recorded centrally on the voice trading platform
Access to calls journal

The main CTI functions

TAPI 2.1 (optional): Integrate other financial applications using Etradeal Vision’s API module
Call Manager (optional): click-to-dial Microsoft Outlook, Siebel, Coheris and other Windows compatible applications which support TAPI 2.1, active line monitoring, history of calls for call back

The main administration functions

Program an unlimited personal directory of easy click-to-dial numbers (Speed Dial Numbers – SDN )
Adapt to multiple languages
Dialog with user-friendly interfaces (easy-to-use, easy-to-learn): “drag and drop” technology
Login and password protection