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New Eurex Exchange Council elected

Frankfurt/Main, November 12, 2004

The derivatives exchange Eurex announced the election on Thursday of its new Exchange Council. Around 400 companies from 18 countries, which are admitted to trading on the exchange, were eligible to vote. TheExchange Council of Eurex Deutschland was elected for a term of three years.

Five members were newly elected to the Exchange Council: Dagmar Kollmann (General Manager, Morgan Stanley Wertpapiere GmbH), Gottfried Korzuch (Memberof the Executive Board, CKB CK [email protected] Bank AG), Jan-Dirk Lüders (General Manager, CMT Capital Markets Trading GmbH), Stefan Mülheim (Member of the Executive Board, Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG & Co. KGaA ) and Andreas Preuss (Chief Operating Officer, Mako Global Derivatives Partnership LLP). A further 15 members were re-elected.

The Exchange Council is the highest controlling and supervisory body of an exchange. Its main responsibilities are the appointment and supervision of the exchange's general management, as well as issuing the exchange rules, fee regulations, and the conditions for transactions on the exchange.