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Erin McKnight
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TORONTO, CANADA - November 12, 2004 - Algorithmics Incorporated, a world leader in enterprise risk management solutions, today announced the availability of a reference deployment package for Algo Suite Version 4.4 within Algorithmics' in-house solution center, Algo Lab. The reference deployment package is essentially a starter-kit that contains a pre-configured but fully functional version of Algo Suite 4.4 and sample data representative of a typical portfolio. It provides a turnkey starting point during demonstrations and discovery for clients who wish to evaluate the system prior to purchase. It also provides a baseline reference point during development for clients who wish to customize the system with data representative of their own portfolios, pricing models and risk scenarios.

The reference deployment package helps accelerate implementation of Algo Suite 4.4 dramatically. Clients wishing to purchase or upgrade to this latest version can test their own data sets in a controlled environment before going live. The reference deployment package substantially reduces the time and effort required to get from project start to the first meaningful outputs. This approach addresses a key project issue: clients want and need an integrated, comprehensive risk management system -- but most client data resides in silo and legacy systems. In the past, verifying that the new, integrated system was generating meaningful results and reports required linking and integrating all the modules within the Algo Suite. With the reference deployment package, these serial dependencies are reduced.

"The reference deployment package helps clients who aren't familiar with an integrated system to visualize and define their comprehensive risk management system requirements. It helps our teams identify issues and demonstrate progress very early in the project," says Mina Wallace, VP Operations at Algorithmics. "Our clients also benefit by having the option of implementing upgrades in a controlled testing environment that systematically steps them through the process and provides their people with training and support prior to deployment in-house."

The reference deployment package is a key component of Algorithmics' ongoing Appliance Initiative, a long-term strategy to ensure its enterprise risk management software solutions are delivered and supported in the most efficient manner and focused on reducing total cost of ownership.

The reference deployment package integrates all core Algo Suite components. It processes front and back-office data and runs both Mark-to-Market (MtM) and Mark-to-Future (MtF) simulations for both market and credit risk. The package includes market risk, credit limits and portfolio credit risk streams, and demonstrates the functional and technical setup required.