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OAG Achieves Smooth Take Off with Sunopsis

- Sunopsis’ fast, efficient software helps OAG load over 9 million records to create 611,000 international flight records in approximately 3 minutes -

Sunopsis, one of the world’s leading IT data integration vendors, has completed a major new installation of its market leading software into OAG.

OAG is a global content management company specialising in travel and transport, and is best known for its airline schedules database, which holds flight details for 1,000 airlines and more than 3,000 airports and is updated around ten times a second. OAG has working relationships with virtually every airline in the world, from the largest network carrier to new ‘start-up’ airlines.

OAG’s expertise is in managing large amounts of data and building applications and products to get that information into the hands of people who need it. OAG holds a breadth of travel related content and provides a broad range of products for business and consumer customers, available in virtually any way the customer wants it: internet, PDA, mobile, digital and print.

With global airline travel continuing to grow over the next few years, OAG needed to implement a new data integration solution to cater for future demand for its services. It required a solution that is capable of handling ever-increasing volumes of data and number of changes, while also being able to distribute that information quickly and accurately to an ever-diversifying range of systems and technologies.

Specifically OAG chose Sunopsis’ data integration software to help with the migration of its data from mainframe systems to DB2 RDBMS on IBM/AIX platforms.

Simon Mckinnon, Director of Technology and Operations of OAG, commented: "As our business cannot suffer any interruption of service, we needed the migration process to run without any disruption to the existing applications, which involves moving the data back and forth until we complete the transition. We needed to use a sophisticated ETL product to make this process as smooth as possible."

Luc Scotts, Project Manager at OAG, adds: "We looked at several players on the market. We were searching for a solution that would be easy enough to understand and use, would allow us to respect our tight time frame and yet would accommodate the extreme complexity of the operations on our data. Sunopsis’ unique and highly efficient software, which does not use a proprietary engine but rather relies on RDBMS engines to transform and process data, was a very attractive proposition for us."

Luc Scotts continues: "We are delighted with Sunopsis’ solution – the software is very easy to implement and it has significantly cut the time – and cost – of data transfer operations. Previously our data transformation required complex and lengthy development work but Sunopsis has now made this a thing of the past.

"The pricing structure of Sunopsis was also a key element in our decision. Unlike many other products, there is no hidden cost in Sunopsis and this helped us tremendously with respect to our budgetary constraints." concludes Mckinnon.

With the migration project well under way, OAG is already considering other ways they could leverage Sunopsis. Current avenues include population of data warehouses and extracts of data to specific formats required by customers.