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SecuriCode Limited has announced the availability of a new generation of low cost RFID-based Identity Management Solutions. They deliver automatic protection by associating an individual’s unique global ID with devices such as laptops, PCs, cameras, projectors, mobile phones or any other device containing a power source.

Assigned users are identified by long-life, lightweight encrypted tags, which do not have to be exposed or waived in front of readers. These are recognised by the embedded SecuriCode solution without requiring an external reader. This automatically protects devices and data from misuse or theft, as they are rendered inoperable when assigned users are not in range. Awareness of this could make a major contribution towards reducing the increasingly violent attacks carried out to steal high value assets from their owners. Systems inadvertently left unattended or lost are protected both from a system and sensitive data perspective.

SecuriCode can also play a significant role in reducing power consumption of systems and building utilities by allowing the automatic shutdown of power supplies and utility supplies when assigned personnel have vacated areas or systems for predetermined periods of time.

SecuriCode solutions can also be used by knowledge workers and supervisors to automatically login to their workstations when they approach their desks. This can significantly reduce the time required to log into multiple systems at the beginning of shifts and after breaks. They can also automatically power up and unlock specified devices when authorised users approach.

SecuriCode is compatible with building security systems enabling automatic activation and deactivation by user presence. SecuriCode solutions are also available as external reader nodes that can be used for personnel or equipment location and to control access to secure areas.

According to Ralph Jarmain, Managing Director of SecuriCode: "We anticipate that this technology will rapidly become commonplace as a deterrent to crime whilst making a major contribution towards protecting the environment by helping organisations to reduce power consumption."

All SecuriCode solutions are automatically protected against identity theft as they cannot be cloned, monitored or tampered with in any way. They are all compliant with federated identity solutions.