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San Diego, Ca., Nov. 8, 2004 - AFP 25th Annual Conference - XRT announces the release of XRT Business Exchange (XBE) Platform, a secure, communications[FSD1] software tool that centralizes the exchange of financial cash flow information between internal systems and external financial partners on a worldwide basis.

XRT Business Exchange Platform is an international financial flow exchange platform that securely moves information between a corporation and its trusted trading partners. It streamlines business processes; drastically reduces banking and other financial partner fees; and provides robust, audit-proof security and controls. By centralizing financial activity, corporations around the globe have the ability to make financial cash flow information available to subsidiaries and financial partners using more than 100 industry standard and bank proprietary data exchange protocols, file transfer formats, electronic mail and Internet/Intranet Web services. XBE allows the integration and consolidation of payment processes and systems, enabling local versus cross-border payments and safeguarding cash flows with enhanced security, event log monitoring, alerts and notifications.

"XBE Platform is one more step in XRT's collaborative enterprise wide approach to enable organizations to optimize working capital, eliminate inefficiencies and safeguard their cash flows. XBE is an essential communication tool that allows companies to centralize, automate and secure all financial transactions," said John Wlcek, general manager, XRT North America. "With the complexities of today's multi-bank, multi-protocol, multi-national environment, corporations end up spending thousands of dollars a month on processing costs and related bank fees. Many XRT clients are realizing the ROI of XBE in less than one year."

As a fully Web-enabled solution, XBE Platform provides for functional or "role-driven" data dashboards, allowing users to customize their own views of system-wide information. XBE is presently in beta release, with a scheduled production release date set for the end of this year. Contact XRT at 610-290-0300 for more information.