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Kalahari's kACE DataPort Opens up New Sources of Revenue For Financial Trading Institutions

-- Tullett Liberty, Tradition, Merrill Lynch and Telerate are among those institutions that are using kACE DataPort to publish real-time data --

London and New York. 2nd November, 2004 – Kalahari, a global provider of real-time price discovery and analytic solutions to financial and energy trading institutions, today reports a steady client take up of kACE DataPort, the market data publishing solution, with major customers in Europe and the US.

Tullett Liberty, Tradition, Merrill Lynch and Telerate are among those institutions that are using kACE DataPort to publish real-time data.

KACE DataPort automates and controls the financial institution’s data publishing and market data sales business. All of the data that is generated on the trading floor is published to their own customers via the institution’s market data distribution system.

Commenting on the publication of market data at Tullett Liberty, Tim Armstrong, Front Office Systems Manager (Capital Markets) at Tullett Liberty said: "We experienced a number of problems with lack of functionality and reliability which meant we had prices but we couldn’t necessarily capture and distribute them effectively. Before kACE DataPort was in place, we managed much of our data publishing through spreadsheets, which meant writing a whole host of programs to eliminate multiple data contributions being made, for example if two traders opened the same spreadsheet, which was a common occurrence. Furthermore, if the spreadsheets were not operating correctly, no prices were published."

"kACE DataPort has centralised and controlled Tullett Liberty data publishing activities. Due to the collaborative nature of the product there is never an issue with two traders trying to contribute a price for the same product, and since they all interact with the same model, they will all see the same prices." Armstrong added. Over the next 12 months, Tullett Liberty plan to start publishing its arbitrage prices out of kACE DataPort.

kACE DataPort offers customers a low impact migration from existing price-only architecture to pricing plus data sales. kACE DataPort acquires market data from various sources within the company (spreadsheets, market data feeds, in-house pricing systems) and pushes prices into its publishing hub, all in real-time. The hub then synchronises and distributes the data to customers via one or more data platforms.

Commenting, Peter Trenier, managing director at Kalahari said: "Kalahari has increased its product sales year-on-year because of the huge investment we make in our products. Our ongoing commitment is to continue to meet the breadth and depth in functionality, combined with the usability and flexibility demanded by today’s leading financial institutions."

"Through kACE DataPort, global institutions now have a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective solution for their entire data publishing requirements. kACE DataPort is helping our customers open up new sources of revenue and we are confident that it will become the industry’s solution of choice for data publishing." He added.