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ASPACE Solutions has announced a partnership with Swivel Technologies to allow users of its 4TRESS multi-channel Identification and Verification (ID&V) solution to authenticate themselves with one-time passwords via a mobile phone and SMS messaging.

Swivel’s strong, tokenless two-factor authentication system is ideal for services and applications such as online banking, e-commerce and ATM transactions. As a result of the integration with 4TRESS, ASPACE Solutions has extended its support for authentication options from static passwords, memorable data and hardware tokens, to include authentication via SMS. 4TRESS gives secure access to information and services via any channel including the Internet, phone, IVR, mobile, face-to-face or kiosks. Users need only register once in order to be able to authenticate themselves through any contact channel.

Swivel’s PINSafe M2F is a tokenless solution that can be rolled out to large numbers of users at a fraction of the cost of deploying and managing hardware tokens, while delivering increased security over single-factor authentication such as simple password and PIN. PINsafe M2F enables strong, two-factor authentication using GSM or GPRS based mobile devices or the Internet to generate a one-time access PIN for each login attempt.

"Most major financial services organisations are looking to provide increased security from online fraud and strong authentication across all channels is a major challenge," said Andy Churley, Marketing Director at ASPACE Solutions. "The partnership with Swivel allows our customers to deploy low-cost, mass-market, strong authentication technology providing extra protection from threats such as phishing and keyboard spyware. Swivel technology is embedded in ASPACE Solutions’ fully-featured applications which support a wide range of business processes and help comply with international security standards and business risk reporting requirements."

Swivel technology is based on a standard 4-digit PIN along with a 10-digit security string sent to the user’s phone via SMS, which are used together to generate a one-time code. Every time the user logs in or attempts to authenticate a transaction for example, a new security string is sent that means the same code is never entered twice. Anybody monitoring the system will only capture useless information.

"With the expansion of the mobile workforce and customers that want to do business anytime, anyplace, there is increasing interest in using mobile phones to provide a strong and flexible alternative to token-based, two-factor authentication," said Andy Cole, VP of Business Development at Swivel. "ASPACE Solutions has established itself as a leading provider of multi-channel ID&V solutions and this partnership further strengthens this position."