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Aconite Launches EMV Risk Management Solution - Card issuers can dramatically reduce costs and maximise revenues by deploying Aconite’s revolutionary risk solution -

Aconite, the international smart card solutions provider, is launching EMV Risk Manager, a sophisticated EMV risk management solution that allows card issuers to manage and control card related risk.

Aconite’s EMV Risk Manager enables issuers to dynamically control cards and their behaviour after they have been issued by harnessing the power of EMV script technology. EMV Risk Manager enables issuers to increase card revenue, reduce cost, take on more customers and minimise fraud.

By linking EMV Risk Manager with card and account risk management systems issuers can now dynamically deploy new strategies to maximise credit lines while at the same time control risk.

Chris Lomax, Marketing Director at Aconite, comments: "EMV Risk Manager opens up a unique new dimension for both credit and debit card issuers to manage and control risk. It gives issuers an unprecedented level of control to fine-tune and manipulate card behaviour, in addition to initiating account management actions and making authorisation decisions. As a result, issuers enhance competitiveness by reducing the cost of referrals, collections and write-offs. Through risk control, credit lines can be increased, bad debt reduced, resulting in dramatic cost and revenue improvements for issuers. Cards can also be issued to new higher risk customers, which can create new revenue potential."

EMV Risk Manager works in conjunction with card authorisation and risk management systems and transforms the intricate logic necessary to translate business requests into low-level EMV scripts. The solution is platform and database independent and requires minimal integration changes to existing systems. Based on J2EE technology, it can operate as a stand-alone system or reside within an existing application server environment.

Lomax adds: "EMV Risk Manager is truly unique - the only risk management solution on the market that allows issuers to achieve a truly effective authorisation strategy. It not only offers EMV compliance and dynamic strategy management, but also forms the essential backbone for data management of future multi-application smart cards services which will start to dominate the market within the next 5 years."