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'The Data Circle' addresses data issues across the data lifecycle

28 October 2004, Maidenhead, Berkshire - Embarcadero® Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of data lifecycle management solutions, today announced a strategic initiative to answer market demand for a one-stop resource handling data management issues. Known as 'The Data Circle,' this initiative provides a platform from which Embarcadero can further build on its relationships with data improvement specialist, DQ Global, and data profiling specialist, Business Data Quality, to provide companies with an end-to-end data management solution.

The Data Circle benefits businesses by giving them access to the strength of experts in different areas of data management, and offering them the flexibility to focus on the area most relevant to them at costs that are far more attractive than for similar offerings in the market. Services are also available on a rental basis, meaning companies can trial them and assess the best solutions for their business before committing to ongoing costs.

"Effective data management strategies make data more usable, increase performance and availability of systems, and improve efficiency across an organisation. This new initiative provides a real and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to solve their data management issues," remarked Dave Jarrett, senior product manager at Embarcadero Technologies.

The expert resource is aimed at data specialists, IT professionals and business teams within small, medium and large organisations. It will be spearheaded by Embarcadero Technologies, which will bring its model-driven data integration solution, Embarcadero DT/Studio, to the offering. DT/Studio allows users to transform, migrate and integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources using a Java-based visual data modelling tool.

Business Data Quality's BDQ Suite is a next-generation data profiling solution that provides organisations with a detailed and accurate understanding of their data assets. DQ Global offers a range of data quality software applications and toolkits to ensure data is accurate, correctly formatted and duplicate-free at every stage of development, delivering a healthy and reliable single source of information for all users. Together, the three company solution set enables organisations to manage the entire lifecycle of their data, from cleansing and quality assessment to integration into the business.

"Data is a vital asset to business today," said Chris Bland, managing director of Business Data Quality. "IT systems and applications are only as good as the data they contain. People now understand this and are factoring the "data element" into projects, whereas in the past it would have been given little or no concern."

Martin Doyle, CEO of DQ Global, added: "As the need for data quality strategy increases, the market for solutions providers is expanding. It's a minefield out there, and the hardest data quality task is acquiring the knowledge and best practice to deliver an integrated strategy. We have all agreed on the market need for some time and we see this as the perfect opportunity to pool our skills and offer the data quality industry a one stop resource."

The three companies will be showcasing The Data Circle at the Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe 2004 in London from 1-3 November. Please visit them on stand 10.