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ACI to drive fraud prevention tactics for leading Italian card transaction

(Watford, UK - October 27, 2004) - ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading
international provider of enterprise payment solutions, today announced that
SSB Group, the largest card processor in Europe, has licensed ACI Proactive
Risk Manager(tm) software to address the increasing levels of card fraud in
Europe and offer additional fraud detection and prevention services to its core customer base of 200 European banks.

SSB will deploy ACI Proactive Risk Manager for Debit and Credit Card Fraud Detection at its headquarters in Milan to track domestic and international card transactions for potential fraud activity. SSB is using the solution's Java-based web capability to offer fraud prevention services to its member banks. This will enable SSB's network of banks to react more quickly to fraudulent and criminal card activity. In turn this will minimise the impact of fraud on cardholders.

"As a leading European card processor, we required a first-class fraud detection and prevention solution," said Gian Bruno Mazzi, chief executive officer and managing director at SSB. "ACI Proactive Risk Manager will have a significant impact on our business, delivering increased efficiency and reducing the risk of fraud across our bank network. ACI's determination to understand our requirements and the creativity and vision with which they applied themselves proves their superiority in the market."

The customised rules-based workflow at the core of ACI's software will enable SSB to allocate its resources more efficiently thereby reducing costs. Previously, SSB was using a number of separate tools, some developed in-house, as well as some services from its international switch providers.

The new software will integrate with existing systems at SSB to deliver greater overall efficiency of the transaction processing system and a complete transaction lifecycle fraud solution. This will also enable the banks in the SSB network to easily access customer information for more detailed customer profiling.

"Expanding our cooperation with partners of SSB's calibre is of great importance to our growing European business," said Gianfranco Botti, general
manager, ACI Worldwide Italia. "ACI will continue to work closely with SSB to further enhance the fraud solution and the service offered to its member banks, anticipating future growth for a company that is already the largest card processor in Europe."

SSB will run ACI Proactive Risk Manager on a Windows server fully integrated with the existing switching and routing software on an HP NonStop(tm) server.