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Meet UnRisk2 / Mathematica in Seoul. Advanced-Derivatives Analytics Seminar

October 27,2004 - Dahan Tech Inc and the UnRisk consortium will present UnRisk2 / Mathematica on November, 23, 2004 in Seoul.

Dahan Tech Inc, Mathematica and UnRisk partner in South Korea, and the UnRisk consortium are pleased to invite to an event demonstrating future looking methods and solutions for the pricing and risk analysis of derivatives.

The event will cover:
- Mathematica, benefits for computational finance applications.
- Finite Element and Streamline Diffusion Techniques.
- Identification of Model Parameters in Computational Finance.
- UnRisk2 presentation and live examples.

Event benefits:
-A concise presentation for practitioners. With details where necessary.
- Exclusive insight. Numerical methods for convection-dominated flows are relevant.
- How finite element and streamline diffusion techniques lead to unmatched accuracy.
- Live demonstration of UnRisk2.
- Generating values from UnRisk2.
- High-end numerics for derivatives analytics.
- Visual exploration in.
- Working environments for traders, treasurers and quants all using the same pricing engine.

Who should attend:
- Front office professionals who are interested alternative derivatives analytics approaches.
- Quants and risk analysts who want rapid instrument building and scenario analysis.
- Managers who want a group solution for the front and mid office.