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London – Oct. 27, 2004 -- Fractal Edge today announced that its Fractal:Intelligence application will be rolled out this month to bring greater visibility to the fund evaluation tools developed by The Taylor Companies, a diversified alternative investment services business based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Fractal Edge is the leading developer of visualization and analysis software, Fractal:Intelligence, part of Fractal Edge’s suite of products, brings about a fundamental change to the way people view and interact with data. It is innovative and intuitive, and it brings an understanding to users of large, complex and fast moving information. Customers can instantly recognize hot-spots, and then target them in just one or two clicks.

The Taylor Companies will be using Fractal:Intelligence to assist them in visually translating the output of a comprehensive analytical system that processes a quantitatively-based ranking of several hundred hedge funds at a given time. Fractal:Intelligence serves as a front end to the tool and assists Taylor and its clients in being able to visualize the model and rapidly drill into the key metrics that drive their individual analysis.

"The Taylor team of 23 individuals is led by firm founder and hedge fund pioneer, Thomas M. Taylor, with over four decades of investment management experience. Our investment team brings industry experience as senior portfolio managers, risk managers, traders, analysts, officers and auditors at hedge funds, family offices and investment banks" said Dean Rubino, Managing Director. "We immediately saw the benefits which Fractal:Intelligence will provide our team in analyzing and disseminating complex and large amounts of data."

Fractal:Intelligence is built on the concept of Fractal Mapping, providing access to multiple levels of data structure and enabling extreme concentration of data on screen without loss of clarity.

"We are thrilled to be working with The Taylor Companies and to provide them with the benefits of Fractal:Intelligence," said Richard Laughton, CEO of Fractal Edge. "We recognize that our technology combined with their state of the art hedge fund analytics will give them, and indeed their customers, an advantage in the marketplace."