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MBA Launches Speedreport

Leading financial services software house, MBA Systems, has launched Speedreport, a service that rapidly prepares high volumes of reports for printing and electronic display, whilst significantly enriching their appearance.

It is ideal for investment management firms, including stockbrokers, insurance companies, pension funds and financial institutions, which need to provide large numbers of clients with regular, reader-friendly and professional reports.

For a typical investment management company, MBA Systems agrees a design template for the report. This is customised to comply with the firm’s corporate identity and has its contents tailored to the requirements of the business. The firm supplies MBA with a pre-formatted data file which is then processed by Speedreport to produce the required documents.

Speedreport’s output is captured in electronic format, ready for delivery. This could be to a fulfilment house for high volume printing and postal delivery, a web site hosted at MBA’s secure data centre, returned for in-house processing or a combination of these.

A big advantage of Speedreport is its velocity: A file of 100,000 report pages can be prepared in just 1 hour.

“For too long, the financial services industry has had little choice in the way it can provide high volume, sophisticated client reports,” says Stephen Taylor, sales and marketing director for MBA Systems. “Traditionally firms have had the choice of supplying clients complex reports that were bland and antiquated in their look and feel or attractive reports that were simple but not suitable for volume processing.”

Speedreport is very flexible. Criteria can be set to vary the constituent parts of the content, to adopt different displays. Multiple information streams can be processed into one consolidated report output, if required.

Furthermore, Speedreport automatically sorts and collates reports for mailing. This means that if a customer is due to receive several different types of report, these can be automatically sorted so that they can all be mailed in one envelope. The individual pages across this consolidated report can be numbered consecutively. As a result, significant savings in postage costs can be achieved, with further savings of between 10% and 15% possible through post office discounts, as mail can be sorted according to postcodes.

“The new Speedreport service, allows our customers to transform the high volume reports they produce. They can become professional and stylish documents that are easy to read and comprehend, yet still reflect the customer’s corporate image. Such enhanced communications, together with rapid production is highly appreciated by both our customers and their clients alike”, concludes Taylor.