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Stena Line Selects Mosaic Software for Satellite-Driven On-Ship Transaction Processing - Mosaic Software Provides Rapid Implementation of Postilion in Readiness for Swedish EMV Requirements

London, United Kingdom - 18 October 2004. Mosaic Software, the global
transaction processing solution provider, has announced that Stena Line has
installed its Postilion for Retail solution. The solution provides online
payment capabilities and post-transaction processing for Stena Line. The
installation will include online payments authorisation for its fleet of 32
vessels and transactions from travel centres, ports, and freight check-in as
well as card-not-present transactions from call centres and the Internet.

Stena Line is rolling out Mosaic Software's eSocket.POS component on all tills across its ferries, ranging from 20 tills on its smallest vessels to 50 on its largest. Travel and freight sales will be included as a following phase. Mosaic Software's industry-leading central switch, Postilion Realtime, and back-office system, Postilion Office, have been deployed in Stena Line's IT centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stena's existing on-ship satellite telecommunications infrastructure is used to perform online authorisation between eSocket.POS and the central Postilion system in Gothenburg. Transaction details are passed from Postilion onto Stena Line's acquiring bank, Nordea Bank, for authorisation.

"With the Postilion solution, the transaction authorisation process is now complete in an average of less than two seconds - a vast improvement on our
previous system," explained Joachim Lustig, research & development manager for Stena Line IT services. "In the past, online authorisation could not be carried out on the majority of the vessels. Only hotcard lists were used for counter-checking transactions at the point of sale. Additionally, with separate tills handling duty-free, and food and beverage purchases, the full authorisation process proved very time consuming."

"Of all the solutions we evaluated, Postilion was the only one offering the level of functionality and ease of integration required to cope with our business demands," he added. "Mosaic Software's solution has become the key
element of Stena Line's Chip and PIN compliance programme."

eSocket.POS allows for stand-in authorisation if a vessel's satellite link is disconnected. Once the link is restored, all transactions authorised by eSocket.POS are forwarded to Nordea, enabling complete transaction integrity
between Stena Line and its acquiring bank.

eSocket.POS also supports advanced transactions such as dynamic currency conversion (DCC), gift card management, mobile prepayment, cheque cashing, money orders and money transfers, providing Stena Line with the flexibility to easily enhance its customer services as and when required. eSocket.POS is installed on both new and legacy till systems on the vessels.

"This has been a great opportunity to install the Postilion solution for cross-border acquiring in an environment with satellite communications," said Jan Kruger, general manager for Mosaic Software in Europe and the Middle East. "Despite the challenge of a new communications environment, the standard version of eSocket.POS did not require any adjustments. The Postilion solution enables Stena Line to operate in a Pan-European capacity for all payment requirements including Chip and PIN. Postilion is a modular, future-proof solution that provides Stena Line with unrivalled cost-effectiveness, scalability and ease of use."