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LOGIN SA, a leading supplier of advanced and integrated management systems for treasury, has the pleasure to announce the availability of the LOGIN-ACUMEN V.5.50. LOGIN-ACUMEN is a fully integrated front and middle office as well as risk management system, for treasury, derivatives and capital market instruments. This new release is about to be installed by some of LOGIN's major customers in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. Among the major items, such as IAS/IFRS and Exotic deals pricing, LOGIN-ACUMEN V.5.50 also includes the following developments:

Convertible Bonds
ACUMEN now handles convertible bonds with Call provisions, "Soft" or "Hard" calls or holders put provisions. Convertible, as well as callable, puttable (with trigger dates and corresponding conversion prices) can be defined and valued. The pricing method takes into account events upon default, behaviour of stock prices and recovery rates ("hedge model", based on the Heath-Jarrow-Morton one factor model).

Inflation Linked Bonds
It is now possible to manage the main types of inflation index notes available on the market (US, France, Japan…). The calculation of the index factor is used to find the daily revaluation of the position. Cash-flow discounting is based on specific inflation yield curves that allow to derive yield from price and risk factors.