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Enigmatec Announces Support for Solaris 10 on AMD Opteron

Enigmatec and Sun to Partner on Efficient Computing Initiative
SIBOS, ATLANTA - October 13, 2004 - Enigmatec Corporation, a provider of execution management software optimised for the next generation of modular data centre, today announced support for Solaris 10 on AMD Opteron(tm) and its plans to partner with Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) in Financial Services as part of its Efficient Computing initiative.

Enigmatec Corporation offers a strategic software management layer between the business processes that drive an enterprise and the IT resources required to execute them. Its Execution Management System (EMS) is policy-based software that automatically and proactively orchestrates the execution of services in a distributed environment, ensuring increased resource utilisation and improved service availability.

"We are delighted that Enigmatec Corporation has successfully ported EMS to Solaris 10 running on our dual-processor Sun Fire V20z Server, the first in a new line of AMD Opteron(tm) processor-based servers from Sun, and successfully integrated EMS with our Sun N1 Grid Containers," says Nigel Woodward, Global Manager Capital Markets & Securities at Sun Microsystems. "We look forward to partnering with Enigmatec on their Efficient Computing initiative and working together on our Global Capital Markets program which focuses on Wall Street and other major Financial Centres worldwide. We see Enigmatec's capabilities as an innovative application well-aligned with the growing focus on Utility/Grid infrastructures."

Efficient Computing provides companies with the ability to automate their operational procedures in a flexible and scalable way. This reduces complexity while delivering better utilization of resources, automation of disaster recovery strategies, reduction in operational risk and the prevention of business downtime, all of which ensure the highest quality of service.

"The goal of our Efficient Computing Partnership Program is the delivery of a competitively priced best-of-breed modular computing architecture that utilizes autonomic and grid computing technologies to provide companies with out-of-the-box provisioning, virtualization and automation. It is about eliminating the impedance mismatch between your business objectives and your ability to deliver these within your existing IT infrastructure," says Duncan Johnston-Watt, CTO of Enigmatec Corporation. "The Sun N1 Operating Environment fits this model perfectly and we are delighted they have adopted our policy-based management solution as a core component of their Financial Services initiative. We are already working with Sun on a number of opportunities but this represents a significant step forward in our relationship."