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C24 joins Enigmatec Efficient Computing Partnership Program

Integration Grid Pioneer adopts Enigmatec Execution Management Solution
SIBOS, ATLANTA - October 13, 2004 - Enigmatec Corporation, a provider of execution management software optimised for the next generation of modular data centre, today announced that Century 24 Solutions [C24] has joined its Efficient Computing Partnership Program and adopted its Enigmatec Execution Management System (EMS) as a core component of the C24 Integration Grid.

The C24 Integration Grid uses a new generation of modular, high performance Grid based technologies to provide intelligent data management distributed across a grid infrastructure for linear scalability and unparalleled performance.

"We see this as an important partnership for the application of Grid and Java Technologies in the continuing challenge to create a seamless linkage between a firm's transaction systems and the transmission of standard format instructions to its counterparties", says Nigel Woodward, Global Manager Capital Markets and Securities at Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW). "Our work with both Enigmatec and C24 and the emergence of new Solaris 10 and AMD Opteron technologies allows us to bring highest performance low cost computing to this key aspect of the Financial Services markets."

Enigmatec Corporation offers a strategic software management layer between the business processes that drive an enterprise and the IT resources required to execute them. Its Execution Management System (EMS) is policy-based software that automatically and proactively orchestrates the execution of services in a distributed environment, ensuring increased resource utilisation and improved service availability.

"The C24 Integration Grid is an open architectural framework that leverages GigaSpaces, a shared memory clustering grid technology based on JavaSpaces, and our C24 Integration Objects message standards management and integration (IO) toolkit," explains Wayne Meikle, CEO of C24. "Enigmatec EMS dynamically manages this infrastructure to deliver an Efficient Computing solution for our clients. The fact that we all use the Java Management Extensions (JMX) standard makes this straightforward."

"The goal of Efficient Computing is to provide companies with the ability to automate their operational procedures in a flexible and scalable way. This reduces complexity while delivering better utilization of resources, automation of disaster recovery strategies, reduction in operational risk and the prevention of business downtime, all of which ensure the highest quality of service not to mention an improved quality of life for data centre staff," says Duncan Johnston-Watt, CTO of Enigmatec Corporation. "The C24 Integration Grid epitomizes this approach and we are delighted C24 have adopted our policy-based management solution and agreed to join our Efficient Computing Partnership Program."