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StorageTek Drives Automated Tape Storage Productivity And Innovation

StorageTek Showcases New Solution Offerings at FORUM User Group Conference
LOUISVILLE, Colo. and SAN ANTONIO (FORUM) - Oct. 11, 2004 - For IT managers everywhere, the challenge to make data protection simple, predictable, and reliable is paramount.

Today at the Large Tape Users Group (LTUG) Fall Session in conjunction with FORUM, StorageTek's annual customer conference, StorageTek® (Storage Technology Corporation, NYSE: STK), the leading provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, celebrated recent milestones and unveiled new solutions to complement its industry-leading tape storage solution portfolio. Included among these highlights are advancements to its StreamLine(tm) Series modular library systems, L-Series(tm) automated tape libraries, Virtual Storage Manager® (VSM®) virtual tape library series and related offerings.

"Customers from all over the world look to StorageTek for world-class storage solutions that protect and automate the management of their critical information assets," said Jon Benson, vice president and general manager, Automated Tape Storage Solutions, StorageTek. "As part of the conversations and presentations at FORUM, this is a great opportunity to provide our customers with an update on our advanced tape storage solutions as we work together to improve storage productivity."

Included among the automated tape storage solution highlights at LTUG and FORUM:

StreamLine(tm) SL8500 Modular Library System - Previewed for customers at FORUM 2003 and made available to customers worldwide in June 2004, StorageTek's flagship StreamLine SL8500 Modular Library System has enjoyed the best critical acclaim a new product can achieve - rapid customer acceptance and adoption. Installed and running in some of the most demanding enterprise data centers around the world, the SL8500 has delivered on its promise of information lifecycle management, consolidation, and high availability.

Designed to make enterprise tape storage easy to manage, share, and grow, the SL8500 is the industry's first tape library to provide true mixed media and interfaces to consolidate enterprise and midrange computing infrastructures and allow for dynamic upgrades of capacity and throughput. Also offering unmatched availability, performance, and scalability, the SL8500 serves as the information lifecycle management foundation in the enterprise data centers of forward-looking customers all over the globe.

The SL8500 has a roadmap with many innovative features. The RealTime Growth(tm) capability allows customers to add more cartridge slots, more drives, and additional robotic performance beyond their initial SL8500. The new pass-thru capability will allow attaching another SL8500 to an existing SL8500 while the original library continues to operate, allowing the library system to scale while running. StorageTek's pass-thru capability for the SL8500 is expected to start shipping by the second quarter of 2005.

StreamLine SL500 Modular Library System - Unveiled at the Storage World Conference in June 2004, StorageTek's StreamLine SL500 modular library system leverages technology innovation from the SL8500 to provide unmatched investment protection, storage consolidation, and data center-class RAS to midrange computing environments. Designed to handle evolving data protection needs by providing modular scalability from 30 to 577 cartridge slots, the SL500 modular library system is an ideal choice for a wide range of backup environments, from remote offices to corporate data centers in need of an adaptable platform that can accommodate current and future data protection needs. The Streamline 500 is also mountable in industry standard 19-inch racks, a first in this class of tape automation. StorageTek's StreamLine SL500 is available today to customers worldwide.

L1400M Tape Library Solution - StorageTek's L1400M is based on advanced backup monitoring technology and a design that leverages StorageTek's award-winning L700e tape library, which was named the Most Valuable Product (MVP) in the Backup Hardware category as part of the Storage World 2004 MVP Awards program.

StorageTek's new L1400M tape library solution offers enhanced flexibility, superior performance, and unmatched management capabilities for critical applications such as backup/restore, consolidation and archival in Open Systems environments. StorageTek's L1400M enables customers to expand their storage capacity non-disruptively from 200 to 1344 cartridge slots, via the library's unique pay-as-you-go Continuous Capacity(tm) capabilities, to allow greater flexibility and resource utilization. The L1400M is the first library to come standard with a management tool, Backup Resource Monitor(tm), that provides customers with a single, graphical view into the entire backup operation, from backup application to network devices to tape library and its components, saving the customer significant amounts of time in capacity planning, backup failure analysis, and problem resolution.

Featuring StorageTek's Any Cartridge Any Slot(tm) mixed media technology, high-performance robotics, soft partitioning capability, and powerful Automated Cartridge System Library software (ACSLS Manager(tm) software) and Backup Resource Monitor(tm) software, the L1400M provides comprehensive storage management and data protection support to meet customers' evolving storage needs. StorageTek's L1400M tape library solution is expected to be generally available to customers worldwide in the next 60 days.

Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) Virtual Tape Library Series with FICON Connectivity - StorageTek's VSM tape library leverages advanced virtual tape technology to help customers in mainframe environments utilize 100 percent of their existing media capacity and quickly add up to 256 virtual tape drives as needed to accommodate capacity needs and meet peak processing demands without adding physical tape drives or libraries. This technology extends the value of customers' existing investments in StorageTek tape libraries and drives by conserving existing tape storage infrastructure and media while significantly reducing the amount of floor space required for traditional tape storage systems. Currently available to customers worldwide with native ESCON connectivity support, VSM libraries with native FICON connectivity should be generally available to customers worldwide in the next 60 days. With native FICON connectivity, customers in mainframe environments can achieve significant data throughput gains and greater cabling distances for data transmission to offsite datacenters for business continuity and disaster recovery applications.

"Customers are more focused than ever before on data protection," said John McArthur, Group Vice President and General Manager of Information Infrastructure Research at IDC. "As a result, they are demanding more innovation, more scalability, more performance, and more functionality from their automated tape storage providers. StorageTek has long been an industry leader in tape automation, and these new offerings validate the company's commitment to supporting customers' information lifecycle management strategies through a broad portfolio of enterprise tape storage solutions."

In connection with StorageTek's tape library and VSM solutions, StorageTek has a portfolio of Support Services and Professional Services offerings. StorageTek's Implementation Services include installation and configuration, addressing interoperability needs with a single point of accountability. With baseline implementation for tape library systems, StorageTek helps customers quickly realize full functionality, utilization and integration of tape and VSM solutions into their existing storage environment.