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- UNX Launches MetaTactics™, a suite of 14 proprietary trading strategies
- MetaPost™ functionality simultaneously and anonymously posts orders across
multiple OTC and Listed destinations to lower market impact
- Connectivity to the Chicago Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and
the Philadelphia Stock Exchange added

New York, NY – October 11, 2004 – UNX, Inc., the market structure experts and independent agency brokerage, today announced the general release of its upgraded core trading platform for institutional buy-side traders. As the
engine that powers UNX’s downloadable MetaBook 2.2™ and Web-based program trading user interfaces, this newest enhancement provides more advanced features and continues to position UNX as a leading, comprehensive resource
for US equity trading.

Anticipating growth in automated trading sophistication, UNX introduces MetaTactics™, a suite of 14 proprietary algorithmic trading strategies. Highly customizable, MetaTactics™ is derived from rules-based trading logic that aims for trading efficiency through quantitative analysis of market conditions, and historical and real-time stock information.

UNX has also enhanced strategic access to available liquidity across the fragmented equities market. A new feature called MetaPost™ can simultaneously and anonymously post orders across multiple OTC and Listed destinations to lower market impact. In the aggregate, all MetaPost™ sub-orders function as a single order to streamline order management.

Additionally, new Stealth order functionality allows traders to conceal an
order within the UNX tactics engine until liquidity becomes available within
the trade discretion parameters; and new Probe sweeps allow traders to sweep
an order at multiple price levels at sub-penny, penny or midpoint increments
to quickly access liquidity within trader-specified limits.

Finally, building on its commitment to offer total market access, UNX has added connectivity to three regional exchanges – the Chicago Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange – and has extended automated trading functionality from electronic venues to all manual marketplaces to which it connects. As such, UNX now offers sophisticated trading functionality – such as pegging and discretion – for client orders submitted to any manual destination, including the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and Boston Stock Exchange.

"Our latest platform enhancements lie at the heart of UNX’s unique competitive strengths," said Randy Abernethy, CEO of UNX. "Market structure continues to evolve quickly, and we strive to be at the forefront of these changes to help buy-side traders stay in step with the market."

"The new MetaTactics functionality comprises some of the most advanced tools
available in the marketplace today," added Jeff Brown, Director of Product
Development at UNX. "UNX’s new trading platform helps traders address growing market and regulatory pressures, while enabling them to stay focused on best execution and trading efficiency."