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With Vestor from SapiensTech, CPR Online extends service quality and proactivity

CPR Online, Crédit Agricole's online broker, has selected Vestor, a solution developed by Sapiens Tech, in order to provide more added value services to its clients.

CPR’s clients will receive improved services, as personalized investment assistance will be generated using their personal profiles and the best available research data. Individual Financial Advisors will also receive detailed portfolio and risk analysis reports, for all portfolios under their management.

Philippe Gonze, CEO of Sapiens Tech adds: "This additional success proves that the innovation included in Vestor closely meets the needs of our customers, which consists in better productivity, improved service and higher customer satisfaction".

Vestor is a service developed by Sapiens Tech, a company based in Luxembourg. Sapiens Tech develops and provides pioneering asset management solutions with a proactive integration of research input and investment profiling.